Best Smartwatch Under $25 | Cheapest Smartwatches

The best smartwatch under $25 is for buyers on shoestring budgets, for kids, and for first-time users. They may not be the best watches in the market, although many of them claim to be, they definitely provide the best value for the money.

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Cheap smartwatches under $25 are Chinese Smartwatches?

Huawei, AmazeFit, and Lenovo rival the top smartwatch brands of the US, so we have nothing against smartwatches by Chinese multinational companies. By Chinese smartwatches, we mean the ripped-off version of international watch brands that are cheap in quality and lag in performance. 

Almost all cheap smartwatches under $25 are Chinese or from any other cheap labor country. So buying these watches keeps the following things in mind.

  1. You can use it for a few months, hardly a year.
  2. Never expect that the watch will deliver all the mentioned features on the watch
  3. While buying from online stores, beware of false advertisement. 

Below we have shortlisted for you the best cheap smartwatches we could find after hours and hours of research. These under budget smartwatches don’t belong to any mainstream company, one of the key reasons for their extremely low price. Also, they might have all the mentioned features, but we highly doubt the accuracy of them. 

If you can afford it, we would highly recommend you double the budget and buy the best smartwatch under $50. Under $50 is the right budget to buy a cheap yet dependable smartwatch. 

Aeifond Smartwatch


Aeifond Smartwatch design in such a way that it provides all the comfort that an expensive smartwatch gives you. The body of this watch made of Stainless steel with Nano TPU85 material strap and you can also find anti-sweat matte surface treatment, ergonomic convex design, and soft strap

Multimedia Function: 

With the Aeifond Smartwatch, you can easily connect your smartphones, so you can easily listen to songs and take pictures. This kind of smartwatches satisfaction in any circumstances. Whether you are using a music player for your music like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, or Apple Music in your smartphones, you can play it and pause it just using your wrist. Aeifond Smartwatch comes with an install SD card so you can enjoy music without your smartphones.

Health features: 

It has outstanding health features that help you to maintain your health. Aeifond Smartwatch has a feature of daily steps counter, make an estimation of calories burned, it can measure the total distance that you walked. Aeifond Smartwatch has a monitor that checks your sleep quality and also records your sleep status data.


This smartwatch can be useable in the Rain and sweat water due to its water-resistant feature. But using in the Hot Water washing or long-time soak in the water may damage it’s working.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the Aeifond Smartwatch can operate up-to 24-hours easily.

Padgene Smartwatch

If you are looking small budget smartwatch with some good features then Padgene Smartwatch is the one. This smartwatch has a name for the small-budget smartwatches in selling. At a very low price, you can find some of the most essential features that any expensive smartwatch provides.


Padgene Smartwatch came with a very sleek and modern design. This smartwatch has the surface of stainless steel, has a process of precision laminating, and also the strap of this smartwatch is very soft due to the Nano TPU85 material like other high price smartwatches. You can find this smartwatch very comfortable in wearing. Having a waterproof surface this smartwatch can resist rainwater.

Multimedia watch Phone: 

This smartwatch has the functionality to make a connection with your smartphones, of any company, with Bluetooth. This smartwatch came with an unlocked Micro SIM card with Global System Mobile (GSM) bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz, if you can install a SIM card perfectly then you can easily make dial-up calls and also answer to the calls or making them directly with your this smartwatch.


Padgene smartwatch has a 1.54” OLED display. This smartwatch has a sensitive touch screen to help you to communicate with your smartphones smoothly.

Apps support: 

If you like to run Different apps on this smartwatch then you have to install apps like Fundo, BTNotification. This smartwatch can run applications like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and more so you can read and send SMS or Skip news time. This smartwatch contains the schedule feature, so you can make your daily life work schedules.

Fitness features: 

This low-budget smartwatch has many fitness features so you can have an eye on your health. Smartwatch has an activity tracker that tracks your activities, and many more likes sleep monitoring, a voice recorder, an alarm clock, and the calendar and image viewer.


The battery capacity of the Padgene smartwatch is 380mAH that provides 5 hours of talking time and 180 hours of standby time.

Beaulyn Smartwatch

With a much similar design to an apple smartwatch, Beaulyn Smartwatch is much popular on a very low budget. You cannot get many features of an Apple smartwatch but this smartwatch provides you many functionalities and some of the multimedia features at that Competitive price. This smartwatch is much useful for those how are much interested in the next generation’s connectivity.


The design of the Beaulyn Smartwatch is very simple and stylish that mostly looks like an apple smartwatch. This smartwatch provides the same comfort level as other smartwatches do. In this smartwatch, the Nano TPU85 material uses to make its strip soft. It also contains a 1.54-inch display. its touchscreen is very capacitive with high resolution.

Watch Phone: 

This smartwatch provides the functionality to install the GSM 2G SIM card, so anyone with this watch can make and receives calls, easily write and send a reply to the messages. If the GSM 3G SIM card is installed in it then you can browse through the internet and other applications like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and many more.

This smartwatch can be connected to smartphones using Bluetooth. With the help of the BTNotification app, messages can be received and calls can be made and receive from this smartwatch easily. Using this app on IOS will not be workable so the iPhones only support the applications of the partial function.

Fitness Features: 

The most amazing feature you can find on this low-budget smartwatch, like Pedometer, sleep monitoring, anti-lost, take photos, phone camera controllers, music players, etc.


All the IOS support devices cannot be useful with this smartwatch because it cannot download the BTnotification app but this smartwatch is much compatible with android devices.

Aiming smartwatch

Aiming smartwatch is one that belongs to low-budget smartwatches at a very good sale because of its elegant and premium look. This smartwatch is suitable for those who looking at an advance featured smartwatch at a very low budget.


With a stylish and simple look, this Aiming smartwatch gives its user premium satisfaction. The surface of this smartwatch is made of stainless steel and its strap is designed by using the Nano TPU85 material to provide comfort to its user. The surface of this smartwatch is waterproof, so it works perfectly in rainwater or in sinking time.


This smartwatch has a 1.54 inch TFT HD LCD. The pixels resolution of this smartwatch is 240*240 which makes the display much clear and brighter.

Multimedia Watch: 

Like expensive smartwatches, this smartwatch also provides the facility to make a perfect connection with your android smartphones. So you can easily make and receive calls without facing any difficulties. Also, send and receive text messages and browse Facebook, Twitter, and another social media app easily without the need for smartphones.

You can also make a connection of this smartwatch with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology, for this purpose you have to install the sync Apps like BTnotification or Fundo in your smartphones to get access to the different apps on your smartwatch. In IOS devices you can find only three Bluetooth functions like music play, phone book, and answer the call.


This smartwatch is only compatible with Android smartphones with version 4.4 or above like OPPO, HTC, XIAOMI, MOTOROLA, and many more. With IOS smartphones the compatibility level of the much is not as good as with Android smartphones.

Fitness Features: 

This smartwatch is rich in many fitness features. You can find a pedometer feature, sleep monitoring, daily step counter, your fat analysis, sedentary reminder, and also speed and mileage cover estimation features.


This smartwatch comes with a large battery of 380 mAh Li-Io that provides you 180 hours standby time, so you can take advantage of different features and functionalities without worrying about the power of your smartwatch.

Hairao Smartwatch

Low budget smartwatches with great features are hard to find. You can find the Hairao Smartwatch at a very low price and also this watch cover most of the premium features as other expensive smartwatches do. If you looking to buy a smartwatch that keeps an eye on your fitness and looks suitable on your wrist then Hairao Smartwatch is one at a low price. This smartwatch is a perfect gift to your parents, boyfriend, girlfriends, husband, etc.


This smartwatch comes with IPS high-sensitivity capacitive touch screen, a surface of stainless steel, and also has the process of lamination precision which helps a smartwatch to work smoothly and perfectly.

Having a good and elegant design this smartwatch provides comfort to their user by anti-sweat matte surface treatment and use Nano TPU85 material to make the strip of the watch much soft. The ergonomic convex design help you to make wearing this smartwatch more comfortable is a reasonable price.

Phone watch:

This smartwatch has two working modes that make it work like a smartphone. Firstly you have to make a connection of your smartwatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth or install the GSM 2G micro SIM or TF card so you can easily receive and send messages and make or answer the phone calls directly through your smartwatch.

Multimedia Smartwatch: 

Hairao Smartwatch is a low budget multimedia smartwatch because it provides different multimedia features and functions. With this smartwatch, you listen to your favorite songs with the music player in the smartwatch and also you can view your images with an image viewer, record your voice with a sound recorder, and have many other features like a camera, calendar, alarm clock, and calculator and so on.

This smartwatch has a slot so you can put your SD card and don’t worry about the shortage of memory.

Fitness features

All the most essential fitness features like Pedometer, sleep monitoring, calorie counter, exercise, sedentary remind, Two-way Anti-lost, and mileage counter, this smartwatch can cover for you so you do not have to buy a high amount of smartwatch.


The compatibility level of this smartwatch is much better with Android smartphones as compared with IOS smartphones. As IOS smartphones like iPhone only support some of the partial functions like music player, make calls, and record your voice but in the case of android smartphones, this smartwatch is fully compatible in all senses.

Blackview Smart Watch

Blackview Smart Watch is much similar to any ordinary smartwatch but in an affordable budget. Some of the features and functionalities of a high-budget smart-watches are covered by this smartwatch. The Blackview BV-SW01 SmartWatch will satisfy you with all your desires that you expected from expensive smartwatches.


This smartwatch is rich with a 1.3-inch color TFT LCD touch screen. To increase the comfort level, the anti-sweat matte surface treatment, and Nano TPU85 material are used in the design of this smartwatch. The stainless steel and ergonomic convex design help to make this smartwatch more attractive and stylish.

Multimedia Smartwatch:

With the help of this smartwatch, you can immediately respond to calls and messages in your smartphones. Smartwatch also notifies you about your calendar events and also notify you about the recent update from different social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

After a successful connection with your smartphone, you can hang or answer upcoming calls just using your wrist.

Fitness features:

This smartwatch uses the advanced HR sensor to give an accurate and effective result from heart monitoring. This smartwatch also provides you 9 exercise modes which can help you maintain your health and fitness.

The Blackview BV-SW01 SmartWatch has an automatic sleep tracking system that provides a comprehensive analysis of your sleep. This smartwatch also has the feature to track how many calories burned throughout the day, how much distance is being traveled, and how many steps you walk.


The Blackview BV-SW01 SmartWatch is much compatible with android and IOS phones. All the features and functions of this smartwatch work perfectly with the 8.0 version of IOS and also with the 4.0 or above version of Android smartphones. 

Funntech Smartwatch

Fintech Smartwatch has packed tons of features and believe me even if it had delivered even half of what it promised to its users, the watch would have been the best under budget watch. 

Multi-Functional Watch: 

You can message with this watch, control camera when you take selfies. It even has a small camera for instant selfies, but the photos taken from the watch are of very poor quality. There is a calendar with bookmarking features to keep you notified of the important dates and events. Also, you can set an alarm and do a calculator on the mini calculator.

It has some great fitness features. Speaking of which, the watch sends you sedentary reminders, counts steps and monitor sleep. Though the accuracy of a fitness sensor is highly doubtful, you must not take it seriously. 

For the user’s convenience, there is an audio player and recorder. And on top of that, the smart browser to use social media is outrageous. 

Two-working modes:

This under-budget smartwatch shocks many with its two working modes. One without a sim, the other with a sim card. Without sim mode allows you to connect the watch with the smartphone and control it via the watch. You can make calls, including answering and dialing. 

The other mode is standalone. The smartwatch has a slot for a sim card. You can install a 2G GSM micro sim to directly call from the smartwatch. Also, you can answer, dial numbers, and instant messages on the watch.  

The standalone smartwatch only supports 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900. So before buying, please double check with your Carrier if they are still supporting 2G.

 For US users, the recommended carrier is Speedtalk SIM by T-mobile, with a $5 plan. Sprint and Verizon are not supported, and AT&T has shut down 2G GSM networks. 

Quick setup:

Bear in mind that the smartwatch only supports the Android Platform. To set up the watch, you will have to scan the QR-code to find the App on the Google Play store. Syne, the patented app, synchronization with the watch is a must to activate different functions. These functions include anti-lost, music, Call/Message Notification, and camera remote capture on the watch. 


The smartwatch is available in a great variety of colors. It is basically a unisex watch and a long band makes it suitable for adults and kids alike. 

While adults can use it as a handy  phone tied to their hand, kids would be most excited to 

The watchband is of cheap quality but we can hardly argue in face of its affordable price. The watch face has a shiny metallic look, and the button on one side makes it look like an Apple Watch. 

Battery Life:

This under-budget standalone smartwatch has a great battery backup of 300mAh. It can last for 3-5 days on regular use. However, if you use it in standalone mode, the battery will obviously drain faster.