Letsfit EW1 Review: Cheapest GPS Smartwatch

Letsfit was launched in 2017 and has been a major success in the fitness accessories market. With over 7.5 million users around the world, the company has been multiplying its user base. 

On this CES 2021 (Consumer Electronics Show) held virtually in Las Vegas, the company unveiled two new smartwatches coupled with other smart accessories like a touch screen white noise machine and non-drop wireless earbuds.

Of the two smartwatches released, only Letsfit IWI is available for buyers. The other version and the topic of our discussion, Letsfit EW1, would be released later this year.

Letsfit IWI is offering Pulse Oximeter or SpO2 meter to update users about their blood oxygen saturation level. This by far is a noteworthy addition to Letsfit watches as you would only find it inexpensive brands like Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin.

As we have discussed earlier, Wyze is also set to launch its very first smartwatch with a SpO2 sensor, so the competition would be very tough. Wyze has set the price tag of $20 for their first batch of the smartwatch, whereas Letsfit offers the IWI watch at $40. So from a pure price point perspective, Wyze has an upper hand over Letsfit. Fingers crossed for the arrival of these two cheap watches. 

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Letsfit EW1 Review: Cheapest Standalone GPS Smartwatch

Letsfit EW1 Smart Watch

Letsfit EW1: GPS Connectivity

Being an affordable watch, LetsFit has long relied on the connected GPS. (the watch used to connect to your phone GPS to accurately track data. 

With EW1, Letsfit has leaned towards a standalone experience as more and more smartwatches these days are designed to minimize the need for a smartphone.

Letsfit EW1 is offering true GPS connectivity meaning that it has a standalone/onboard GPS. To put things in perspective, SpO2 sensors and a standalone GPS were the most sought-after features by Letsfit fans. With EW1, that promised has been fulfilled.  

Letsfit EW1: Display

Letsfit EW1 smartwatch comes with a TFT LCD color screen (1.4-inch). Considering the budget, the watch could have never offered an always-on AMOLED display, so it should better not be a deal-breaker. 

Letsfit EW1: As A Smartwatch:

It has a standalone timer, stopwatch and alarm clock. Plus, it allows you to customize watch faces. 

Like in previous models, you would only be able to reject calls. There will be a small preview (roughly 40 characters) of selected apps to get on top of everyday notifications. 

Letsfit EW1: As A Fitness Tracker:

It includes all the latest fitness-related sensors: SpO2, optical heart rate, sleep, and steps. SpO2 is of course the new addition. 

Apart from that, Letsfit has refined its “Independently Developed App” to showcase data and important insights in an intuitive format. You will be surprised to know that the watch offers advanced sleep tracking: detailed data about light, deep sleep, and REM.

Letsfit EW1: Battery Life:

Like its predecessor, nothing has changed with the battery life of the watch which stands at 5-7 days. Of course with the use of GPS, it would be limited to a few hours.

The watch comes with magnetic charging, pretty good for the price point.  But the cable is not long enough.  

Letsfit EW1: Straps:

The company is offering the standard silicone strap with the smartwatch. However, Letsfit does allow its user to replace the band. It is true for all Letsfit wearables, and so would be for EW1.

Letsfit EW1: Colors

By now, the company is offering the watch in only one color. Keep in mind that the watch is still in the development phase( likely to be released in two months). In the future, more models will be available. 

Letsfit EW1: Compatibility

Letsfit EW1 is compatible with only Android and IOS  platforms. For Android phones, the bare minimum requirement is Android 4.4; whereas, for IOS all the models above IOS 7.7. 

Letsfit EW1:App

“Veryfit Pro”, the independently developed application by the company is not as polished as the Apple or Samsung apps. But any such comparison would be unfair. 

The App, however, is fairly simple to navigate when you’re setting up the watch and toggling notifications. 

Letsfit EW1: Waterproof

Letsfit EW1 is waterproof up to 50m for 15 minutes straight. The company has this time rated the watch according to ATM standard instead of IP rating. ATM 5 accessories are a lot better than IP68 in terms of long term water resistance.

You can swim and shower without taking the watch off your wrist. 

Letsfit Id205S vs Id205L vs IW1 vs EW1:

The ID205S watch is cheaper than the ID205L and also smaller in size. EW1 and IW1 are the latest models with improved design, a crown button, and a couple of advanced sensors. IW1 

Has a SpO2 sensor as a significant addition whereas EW1 has both the latest sensor and a connected GPS.

Letsfit Smartwatches: FAQs

How Do I Pair My Letsfit Smart Watch?

Pairing is usually a no brainer.

  1. Check the compatibility of your smartphone.
  2. Open the “VeryFitPro app” (available on both iOS and Android). 
  3. Search for the device. (hint, it will be the model name of the watch, or something similar)
  4. Tap pair device. Bingo! 

Is Letsfit Waterproof?

Yes, nearly all Letsfit smartwatches are waterproof to some degree. The latest EW1 model is ATM 5 rated and can be submerged in water up to 50m for a limited time.

You can bathe with nearly all Letsfit smartwatches. 

Can You Text Or Call On A Letsfit Smart Watch?

Until now, no Letsfit watch has been offering text messages or calling functionality. You can’t even send quick replies. The max you can do from the watch is to reject incoming calls.

Is Letscom And Letsfit The Same?

No, they are different brands

Does Letsfit Smartwatch Have A Gps?

Not before Letsfit EW1. It would be the very first smartwatch by the company that has standalone GPS connectivity. And to accommodate that, the watch has made a compromise in battery life. (Limited to 5-7 days instead of 10)

Letsfit Watch Not Showing Text Messages, What to do?

You will have to allow the app the required permissions. Also, you will have to navigate the app to activate the SNS alert. 

  1. Open the VeryFitPro app and tap on Device.
  2. Select SNS Alert (you may need to scroll up/down the page to see this option.
  3. Allow notification this will reveal further options.
  4. Select the SMS option.
  5. Tap the Tick button to confirm your selection.