Does Smartwatches With Headphones Jack Exist? Alternatives For Music Lovers?

Till now there is no brand leader that has entertained the wildest idea to integrate the headphone jack into a smartwatch. In most simple words, unfortunately there is not even a single smartwatch with headphones jack, and there will never be one. 

As the world is heading towards a wireless future, more and more resources are being diverted to enhance the connectivity technology and the battery life of the smartwatches. And in the past couple of the years, major achievements have been made.

Garmin Vivo Active 3, Amazfit GTS, and Suunto 9 are the top performers with regards to battery life and bluetooth connectivity. The likes of these high-end watches have internal storage to store hundreds of songs on board and enjoy while running or exercising. 

For music lovers, and especially who don’t want to carry their smartphones , the most suitable option is to buy smartwatch with internal storage. As far as Bluetooth connectivity is concerned, you don’t have to worry about it. Almost all smartwatches today come with Bluetooth technology. Luckily some high-end smartwatches have Wi-Fi as an alternative. 

The DIY enthusiasts who are bent on connecting their wired headphones to the smartwatch, there is an option. Rather than looking for a smartwatch with a headphone jack, they should look for a bluetooth adapter. 

These standalone devices connects to the headphones via headphone jack. Also they connects to the smartwatch via Bluetooth to act as a stable medium. Such adapters are commonplace technology. While looking for Bluetooth adapters you should look for the Bluetooth version it supports and the compatibility with the headphones. 


Lastly, headphone jacks are becoming outdated with the advancement in wireless technology and battery performance in electronic devices. To expect smartwatches to have headphone jack to listen to music is like pulling a cart with a BMW.