Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch Review 2023 | Best Under Budget

Virmee is a newcomer in the smartwatch industry and is struggling to gain a strong foothold. With its Virmee VT3 Plus, it has put to shame many expensive brands like Apple, Garmin, Suunto, and Fitbit. Why?

The smartwatch has been offering a ton of features on a very restricted budget. Surely, the features are so many that even if the watch lives up to half of its promises, it is a great watch. And it really does. 

The reason Virmee VT3 Plus is so cheap at the moment has to do with the company’s bid to outdo its competition by cutting down profits. As you would find out in this Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch Review, the watch is lacking in many respects. But it surely is one of the best on a budget.

It claims to be a fitness tracker-cum-smartwatch so we will review it one by one as both. 

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Quick Overview:

Virmee VT3 Plus

As mentioned above, Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch has plenty of features to offer. 

Like Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense, it has blood oxygen monitoring, stress tracking, and sleep tracking. But you should take them with a pinch of salt. 

Other health and fitness features like heart rate, steps, and distance tracking are pretty reliable. There are 18 sports modes. The watch doesn’t have a standalone GPS, it would rely on your phone’s GPS. 

More attractive as a smartwatch, it apes the Apple watch design with a custom watch face available. The 1.5-inch crisp display offers the best resolution to fit more items on the screen. 

The body is a mixture of anodized aluminum and plastic, whereas the 22mm strap is standard silicone. Quick-release setup allows you to replace straps effortlessly. 

You can get all your important notifications on the watch, but you can’t respond to them. You can reject calls though. You can pair the watch with both Andriod and IOS. The proprietary Virmee App needs refinement. 

Being an IP68 rated smartwatch, you can take bath or swim with it. The average battery life is 5 days. 

In short, the watch would offer you the best bang for the buck.

Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch Review: Features and Specs

CompatibilityiOS(10.0 above) & Android(5.0 above)

Battery Life & Charging Type
7 days, Magnetic Charging
Water & Dust ResistanceIP68 Rated (For up to 5m in water)
Display & Screen Resolution1.57-inch (square) &  360*320 HD resolution ( with 321 PPI)
Weight35g (without strap)
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth 5
Straps (Material, Width, length)Silicone, 22mm, 136mm (8.78 in)
Body MaterialKirsite、Plastic
What’s In The BoxVirmee VT3 (the device itself)
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch Review : Design

  1. Display:

1.57-inch is a pretty big display for a smartwatch, but not too big to be uncomfortable. To preview notification and read full size email, this is just the ideal size. However, the watch doesn’t support the aforementioned features at this point. 

The touchscreen Display allows for easy navigation through the menu. The users are satisfied with this particular feature. 

  1. Resolution:

The TFT LCD display offers 360*320 HD resolution which is an appreciable feature, and an extraordinary one in a budget smartwatch. Also, there is one glitch in brightness. You will have a hard time viewing the watch in direct sunlight even on full brightness. 

  1. Straps:

The company is offering 1 strap with the watch. The strap is made of silicone and its size (mentioned above) is suitable for kids and adults. The watch is so comfortable that you won’t feel anything wearing it all day long.

  1. Shell material and Weight:

Watch shell is made up of plastic though it appears to be metallic like the Apple watch series. It weighs 35g, and can pretty much bear mild abuse. 

  1. Water and Dust Resistance:

Ip68 rating is all the proof you need for the smartwatch’s reliability in resistance against water and dust ingression. The watch is completely dust proof, whereas it doesn’t allow water ingression for up to 5m in water. 

Virmee Vt3 Plus As A Fitness Tracker:

Heart Rate Tracking:

The best part about heart rate tracking is the accuracy, however it doesn’t update data in real time. Users really appreciated the effort made by Virmee in presenting the data in an intuitive format on the format. (includes scatter plots and explanations)

Sleep Tracking:

The sleep tracking feature doesn’t allow tracking custom sleep intervals. It tracks sleep in 4 different sections: total sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, awake time. 

It also gives the reference value and suggestions to improve your sleep. A great feature to look forward to if you are facing problems related to quality of sleep.. 

Blood Oxygen Meter:

Although the SpO2 sensor is there, it is not very accurate. The measurements for Oxygen saturation were well outside of the ballpark when compared to standard equipment, many users testified. 

Stress Status:

There is no way to assess the accuracy of data. It shows the stress status on a scale of 0-to-100 and recommends you several tips to get a hold of your mental stress.

Breath Training:

Along With 18 different sports modes, it offers breath training for users. Be mindful of the fact that this mode would be a heavy drain on the battery.

Virmee Vt3 Plus As A Smartwatch:

Notification Alert:

The smartwatch shows you notification from your social media apps and notifies you about incoming calls and sms. You can preview the messages right on your wrist, but to respond to them you would have to take out your smartphone. 

Fortunately, Virmee VT3  smartwatch has a don’t disturb notification alert. 

Set Events, Timer, Or A Stopwatch:

These features are commonplace which you would find in almost any other premium watch. But to have them on a low-budget smartwatch is the extraordinary thing here.


When needed, this watch can turn out to be a handy flashlight. Not the features you find in smartwatches every now and then. 

Virmee VT3 Plus Charger And Battery Life:

The best part of this watch is that it takes about 1.5-2 hours to fully charge. It supports magnetic charging, however, users found it really troublesome with its short wire of dock and lose fitting. 

On a single charge, it lasts 7 days on regular use and 15 days on a standby time. Decent battery life, isn’t it?

VIRMEE App Review:

You can download the Virmee app for your respective device from the links below.

For Apple Users

For Android Users

The smartphone app of the watch, namely Virmee, is not at par with the Fitbit, Watch or Google Fit app. But we can cut the company some slack here as it is not charging us the top dollars for it. 

Here is an overview of the app. 

You cannot view all the important metric on the smartwatch as it has limited storage capacity. The Virmee app plays the role of a sidekick that keep track of all the important metrics for you.

You will get a detailed breakdown of important health metrics like  like heart rate, SpO2, stress, sleep, and more. It keep close tabs on sports metrics. The watch can track 18 different sports. To name a few,  running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, ice skating, etc.

The comprehensive data is usually presented in the form of different graphs and navigating through the app is a breeze.

The app has multilanguage support. To change the language, right swipe on the screen to get to the menu and scroll to find settings. Select language and you will have access to several languages. (nglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese,Japanese, Portuguese)

Overall, the Virmee App is intuitive and works with the least glitches. Vimree VT3 Plus has done a great job in delivering a great hardware, software pair. Also, it is compatible with Google Fit app. 


Android phones, especially Google Pixel phones, offer the best compatibility. It supports Android 5.0 or above. LG watch users should be wary of its notification alerts which glitches more often than not. 

Though it supports iOS(10.0 above), you won’t get all the features as it is not fully compatible with Apple smartphones. 

Final Verdict:

We hope you get the most out of this Virmee VT3 Plus Review. 

In a nutshell, the watch claims to offer features that seem preposterous given the price point. But it does deliver on its promise especially when battery life, heart rate monitoring, Comfortability is concerned. 

As a whole the watch is still underrated for the firework it offers, and in our personal opinion, highly undervalued for what it is offering. 

VT3 Plus vs VT3 vs VT3 Lite: Comparison

Features & SpecsVirmee Tempo VT3 Plus SmartwaatchVirmee Tempo VT3 Plus Lite SmartwatchVirmee Tempo VT3 Smartwatch
Price Range$50-60$30-35$45-50
ColorsBlack, Blue, SilverBlack, Pink, BlueBlack, Silver, Pink
Display (Touchscreen)1.57” 320×360 TFT-LCD1.3” 240×240 TFT-LCD1.3” 240×240 TFT-LCD
Weight (Without Strap)35g 30g35 g 
Water ResistanceIP68 Rated (for up to 5m in water)IP68 Rated (for up to 5m in water)IP68 Rated (for up to 5m in water)
CompatibilityiOS(10.0 above) & Android(5.0 above)iOS(10.0 above) & Android(5.0 above)iOS(10.0 above) & Android(5.0 above)
Strap (Type, Width, Length)Silicone( Replaceable, 22mm, 136mm) Silicone( Replaceable, 20mm, 210 mm) Silicone( Replaceable, 20mm, 211 mm) 
Battery Life7 Days (Standard Use)5 Days (Standard Use)5 Days (Standard Use)
SensorsAccelerometer,Magnetometer, PPG, Heart rate tracker, SpO2 sensorAccelerometer,Magnetometer, PPG, Heart rate trackerAccelerometer,Magnetometer, PPG, Gyro, heartrate, SpO2

The differences between all these models are quite subtle. VT3 Lite and VT3 are almost identical, where as Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus has a few standout features.

Take for instance the screen size and overall design. Virtue VT3 Plus has a large 1.57-inch touch screen with superior resolution, and therefore you would have to fork out money for it.

It also has a large battery size, 300 mAh as compared to 170 mAH on other too. This makes it to last longer on a single charge. In fact, if you use it as a timepiece, the watch would last for a whooping 15 days. 

There are many similarities, and as it goes, the company really replicated its successful model, VT3 smartwatch which itself apes Apple Watch Design. Same sillicone band, though different in size; same charging cable, same water resistance, and almost similar features. 

In sum, you are paying the extra dollars for the crisp display of the Virmee VT3 Plus.

How to Pair Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch with Android or iOS?

As mentioned earlier, you can pair Virmee VT3 Plus with both Android and IOS devices, and the procedure is almost identical.

Follow these steps one by one. 

  1. Install Virmee App on your smartphone. 
  2. Navigate to the about section of the watch (Menu> Settings> About), and find the Bluetooth name. 
  3. Create your account on Virmee App, and add the device. ( Device> select ‘+’ icon > search for the device)
  4. It would take a while, make sure that you allow the app all the necessary permissions. 

Virmee VT3 Plus Smartwatch Review: FAQs

Is Virmee Vt3 Plus A Fitness Tracker?

By definition, it is.

The watch can track Blood Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate and Sleep. Apple Series 6 recently introduced SpO2 sensor, and has made a big fuss about it. VIRMEE has it on a 10 times cheaper watch.

A standalone GPS would have made it a true fitness tracker, as this smartwatch sync with your smartphone GPS to track distance and position. 

Can We Control Music On  Virmee Vt3 Plus?

Unfortunately, you cannot. This by far is one of the major drawback of the watch. Though it doesn’t have a storage capacity, the watch should at least allow for music control as most users complained. 

Are Virmee Watches Waterproof?

All watches by Virmee are IP68 rated, it means that can pretty easily tackle dust and water ingression. The watch would have no problem braving a heavy rain or splashes during hand wash. 

However, there is a limitation. You cannot submerge the watch below 5m in water as the pressure at depth would tear down the water resistance seal. As far as waterproof is concerned, there is no such smartwatch exist, all are water resistance to a low or high degree.

Can We Replace The Strap?

Yes, you can. In fact, there is a quick-release mechanism in the watch that allows you to replace straps with ease. You will get a silicone strap with the watch of Black, Silver, or Blue color. You can also attach third-party straps with the watch, but make sure they are 20mm wide.