Why was Apple Watch 4 discontinued? (But Not Series 3)

If you visit the Apple’s official online store , you’ll notice that the company is offering primarily three watches: the latest Apple Watch Series 7, the cheapest Apple Watch Series 3, and the mid-range Apple Watch SE.

What happened to the watches in between these three models? It’s foolish to think that Apple skipped from the Series 3 to the Series 7. There was surely some models in-between namely Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, and Apple Watch Series 6.

What happened to these watches, especially Apple Watch Series 4? It is the immediate next watch to Series 3, and is improves a lot over its predecessor. Why did Apple discontinue Watch Series 4 watch but keep the Series 3? or put another way, Why does Apple still sell Series 3 but not 4?

Here we will answer this questions in detail. Also, we have clubbed other similar questions with this one to give you a better idea of why Apple keep of discontinue a product focusing primarily on wearables.

Why was Apple Watch 4 discontinued?

The timing matters. Apple Watch Series 4 was first released in September 21, 2018 and had some breakthrough improvements and new features over the Series 3. The Apple priced it almost twice the price of Apple Watch Series 3 at $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the cellular model.

The improvements included a new design with slimmer bezels, ECG sensor, Fall detection, and a better 64-bit dual-core S4 chip. The display was also 30% larger than its predecessor making it perfect for users with poor eyesight.

A little over a year later in September 2019, Apple announced the latest Apple Watch Series 5 at that time which came with a few incremental improvements over Series 4 such as an always-on display and an updated processor. The price of the watch remained unchanged at almost $399 for base model. Therefore, to push the Series 5 sales, Apple discontinued the Series 4 watch the same month.

But the question remains, why Apple kept 2017-era iWatch Series 3? If you look at the pricing, the answer becomes clear.

Apple discontinued Series 4 in favor of Series 3 for one reason only: the company want to keep a cheaper, entry level model for price-sensitive fans. Or perhaps, it was retained to contrast with their new flagship watches released every year.

The company applied the same strategy to iPad Mini and iPhone SE. It purposefully underpowered these products to make the latest and more expensive models look better in comparison.

However, with the release of Apple Watch Special Edition last year, there are good chances that the Cupertino-based giant will absolve Series 3 of its duties next year. Series SE itself will take it’s place.

Now that we know Why was Apple Watch 4 discontinued, let’s quickly address how long will it be supported.

How long will Apple Watch 4 be supported?

Generally, Apple provides software support for its products for 5 years after the last release. This means that the company will keep on releasing new watchOS updates for Watch Series 4 until September 2023. After that, you might have to live with some security vulnerabilities and lack of features.

Can you still buy Apple Watch 4?

You can still buy the Apple Watch 4 but not from the Apple’s official online store. The only way to buy a new Watch Series 4 is from third-party sellers on sites like eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist. But we would recommend against it as you will not get any kind of warranty or guarantee with the purchase.


To sum it all up, Apple Watch 4 was discontinued to make way for its successor. The same happened to the Series 5 and 6. All these watches had only cosmetics improvements over their predecessor, with the main aim to improve sales.

But if you compare them with Series 3, they were way better for just a $200 of price difference. So Apple kept Series 3 to have a more affordable option for people. But any further than this year. There are good chances that the Watch SE will replace it as the new entry-level Apple Watch.