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[Cheapest] Best Smartwatches Under $50 For 2022 (Updated)

Best smartwatches under $50 can do a lot better than cheap Chinese rip off versions of premium watches, or basic fitness trackers, but nevertheless, they are not as good as the branded watches by the likes of Garmin, Apple, and Samsung.

You can get a decent, yet powerful smartwatch, even if you have a budget under $50. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. You will find out. 

As there is a great variety of smartwatches with mind-boggling features, it is hard to choose a smartwatch that won’t break the bank.

In this article, I put forth the best reviews and a detailed buying guide to help you make an objective decision.

Make sure to read each review to get your hands on the best cheap smartwatch under $50 that meets your preferences. 

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Buying A Cheap Smartwatch (Under $50)


Notifications on smartphones are of utmost importance for many around us. But, you don’t have to take out your phone every time it rings. Nowadays, smartwatches can help you with it. They synchronize with your phone via apps like Da-Fit, and VeryFitPro to get all important notifications. 

Make sure to choose the smartwatch that allows you to preview notifications and attend phone calls. 

Battery Life: 

Without a long battery life,  smartwatches are like dross clothes.  Some of them have battery life that lasts for a month,  but it chiefly relies on usage and features supported.  And others have a very short battery life of only a few hours. 

The battery life also depends on the budget. Cheap smartwatches tend to have very short battery life. If you can, try to spend a little extra for the long battery life in a smartwatch. 

Water resistance, Sweat-resistant or Waterproof, What should you get: 

Not a single watch in this world is waterproof, rather many of them are just water-resistant. 

Waterproof and water-resistant are not the same thing. Waterproof means no matter how much or how deep you submerge the watch, water will not get inside it. Whereas,  water-resistant means the watch will not allow the water to enter it up to a specific depth or pressure.

Sweat-resistant watch has protection against the corrosive chemicals in sweat.

Whenever you are looking for a smartwatch, it is of paramount importance to ensure that it is water and sweat-resistant. But why spend extra money on this feature?

Water damage is the most common cause of the failure of smartwatches. They usually get affected during exercise in a downpour or perhaps during a hand wash.

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A lot of smartwatches offer Weather forecasts, Heart rate, Blood-Pressure, and much more. Many have the capability to find nearby phones, control music, and digicam depending on the model. Have a look at what the smartwatch offers and decide whether it meets your criteria or not.  

YAMAY Smart Watch

YAMAY Smart Watch

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  1. HD screen with a sensitive touch.
  2. Monitors heart rate and sleep.
  3. Long Battery Life (Up to 7-10 Days)
  4. You can adjust brightness manually depending on the environment.
  5. Can count steps, calories, and distances.

Additional features

  1. There is a breath guide with a stopwatch.
  2. It has up to 10 vibration alarm clocks.
  3. Comes in a variety of bands.
  4. Advances controls.

Top Features:

IP68  waterproof fitness trackers

Devices which are backed by international rating IP68 are fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand and are resistant to submersion upto a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes. This one is approved. 

TFT Display:

This smartwatch features a thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display that is used to improve quality such as color saturation and contrast.

TPU bands:

It has thermoplastic Polyurethane construction that makes it appear rubber-like. The watch is extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch.

Long battery 

A single charge is used  for 7-10 days depending upon usage. Battery drainage is not a headache anymore. This smartwatch does the job perfectly.  

Accurate GPU/Activity tracker

To get the best out GPU tracker which shows the route in the app. Especially if you go on unfamiliar routes. It automatically tracks your all day routine like how many steps you walk or how many calories you burn. 

The Downside:

It is a little expensive as compared to its competitor. Furthermore,  it requires an upgraded version of both IOS (8) and Android (4.4)

Kalakate Smart Watch


  1. Compatible with both Android/IOS 
  2. Can record 7 days of history.
  3. Weather forecasting capability.
  4. You can play or pause music with it without using your phone.
  5. Can track sleep time
  6. Features a large touch screen.
  7. Waterproof
  8. Fast charging enabled.

Additional features:

Fast charging:

It has a 230mAh large battery with a large standby time of approximately 30 days. Furthermore, magnetic charging provides electromagnetic induction to devices which is useful in charging. 

Remote camera:

You can take pictures through your wrist ,if you open the camera in the app through remote control. This makes beautiful pictures,  creates fun ,and memories of your life.

 Stopwatch/Countdown timer:

For your active life you must need a trainer which will refine your health. This smart watch is helpful in training as well as making your exercise effective.


This smartwatch allows you to wear it when swimming and snorkeling. It resists water without damaging up-to fair depth.

Waterproof Smartwatch Pressure Reminder Compatible

No products found.

No products found.


  1. 1.3inch large color display.
  2. Made up of stainless steel (CNC).
  3. Waterproof with IP67 level.
  4. Monitor heart rate and blood pressure.
  5. Magnetic wire charging mode.

Top Features:

CNC stainless metal:

This smartwatch is crafted with long-lasting material which makes the smartwatch durable. Also, this comes with a 1-year warranty that creates a sense of sturdy.

Remote camera/music:

This smartwatch allows you to take pictures by wrist without blurring it. Moreover, you can control music through Da Fit. By raising your wrist you can control brightness. 


The aptness of this smartwatch is to permit water up to 1.5 m. Moreover, IP67 allows working on rainy days. However, this smartwatch is not appropriate for deep diving or hot water more than 40 degrees. 

Notifications/Fitness tracker:

After sync data with Da Fit you come into with notifications. You get notifications by Whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter, and other apps from your smartphones. It Keeps an eye on health concerns,  informed physical state, and effective fitness. 


This ZOLUIKIS bluetooth smartwatch is compatible with Android and IOS. You use enormous features through Da Fit one of them is a remote camera. Which is highly important in group photos.


This smartwatch is only compatible with Android 5.1  and IOS 8 and above. For sync data, you must need an updated smartphone. Moreover,  This smartwatch comes in black color.   

Willful Smart Watch


  1.  Monitor heart rate automatically.
  2. Analysis sleep time inclusively.
  3. Design with IP68 waterproof.
  4. Data sync.
  5. Bluetooth connectivity. 

Key features:

Comprehensive analysis:

This smartwatch perusal sleep quality (light sleep, deep sleep, and wake up time). That being said, It makes for a healthy lifestyle. Monitor dynamic cycling, hike, treadmill, and yoga. 

Long battery:

This willful smartwatch works upto 30 days standby time after charge time of 2.5 hours or toil to 10 days depending upon usage. 

Adjustable brightness: 

3 poles apart let you choose the brightness level. No worries when using it on the day it seems to be cleared. This feature is a boon because of execution by  wrist. 

Fitness/Gps tracker:

This smartwatch absolutely records throughout the day exercises like consumed calories, separation voyaged, miles strolled, and some more. It keeps you inspired the entire day with tremendous highlights. Besides, GPS is utilized to follow exercise courses.


On account of cell phones, you should have Android with 4.4 and IOS with 8 or more. For Bluetooth, it must need a 4.0. 


Clashing and mixed up heart estimations. Took a few endeavors to interface with the Android application by methods for Bluetooth. Hardheads just associate with cell phones, not pc and tablets.

Letsfit Smart Watch


  1. Track your daily activity.
  2. 1.3″ full shading touchscreen.
  3. Inactive update 
  4. IP68 waterproof.
  5. Remote music.
  6. Sedentary reminder.

Key features:

Fitness tracker:

This smartwatch is something greater than a health tracker. It indicates facts that are comforting so that it will make the right desire intuitively to monitor and reap your fitness and fitness dreams.

Long battery:

LetsFit smartwatch has a large battery of 210 mAh. The working voltage might be 3.8V. Subsequent to charging 2-3 hours it’ll work for so long as 10 days. Contain an unusual sort of battery Li-Battery which makes it long lasting.

Elegant structure:

 This watch is kept separated from the cumbersome structure. This contains a slight weight of  1.37oz(30 g). Thickness is of 1 cm additionally, the length of the band is 7.6 inch and width is 40 mm.

Remote control:

This smartwatch is handy and easy to handle. You use the phone camera  just by raising your wrist with a single click, and sway music. It is thoughtful to stress training. 

IP68 Waterproof:

To wear such watches when swimming or snorkeling is actually delicate. In any case, whilst you are coping with LetsFit you do not ought to stress over it. This is ensured to 5 ATM which suggests they may be water secure as much as 50m profound for 10 mins. In this way, you could investigate as plenty as you want.

Compatibility :

For sharing statistics via Bluetooth or via VeryFitpro you must have such cellular telephones with Android of 4.0 and IOS 8.0. Aside from it, it is needless to have such a watch.

SNS notification:

A smartwatch that is appropriate for any socialized person or on the off chance that you need a smartwatch with great quality that has boundless highlights… This watch meets the standards to be aware immediately of gadgets( like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and some greater). Calls are likewise hung up legitimately by using the wrist.

Wzpiss smartwatch


  1. Multiple working models.
  2. Broad compatibility.
  3. Multifunctional smartwatch.
  4. Fitness activity tracker.
  5. SD card slot.

Key features: 

Two working modes:

Bluetooth mode:  

Wzpiss smartwatch is connected via Bluetooth, which means you get notifications directly through watch.

 After connectivity, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and other application push messages. Moreover, phone calls and messages can be  sent/ replied through  your wrist.

SIM Card mode:

Smartwatches with Sim cards are known as standalone watches  because they don’t need any phone to work with.

 In  Sim Card mode, you receive phone calls and messages directly on smartwatch.

But, this requires installing a GSM Network SIM Card into the smartwatch. Once, GSM Network installs you use a smartwatch as a mini smartphone. 

Fitness/Gps tracker:

Smart watches have smart sensors which help to track and monitor user’s activities. 

One of the smart sensors is a heart rate monitor which is useful to calculate heart rate. Except for that, there are countless sensors that are used for different purposes. This watch counts burnt calories and blood pressure. 

Triangulation  is used to determine the exact location. A Gps watch provides an accurate look of how  fast you’re going and how far you have gone. 

Other functions are sleep monitor, image viewer, drink reminder, remote camera/music, alarm clock, calendar, and calculator. 


This smartwatch is compatible with Android and Ios. This feature makes the smartwatch to handle easily just by raising the wrist. The downside is, Wzpiss is not compatible when connected by pc or tablets. 

Long battery life:

Smartwatches with 1.54-inch large displays consume battery but, in this case, you don’t need to worry. Wzpiss supports a powerful battery of 400 mAh. Smartwatches with high battery timing are seldom to be found. 

Yocuby Smart Watch


  1. Fitness instructor.
  2. micro-smartphone.
  3. Health tracker.
  4. 20 different color watch faces.
  5. Weather forecast and sedentary reminder.

Key features:

Message notification:

smartwatches have the ability to connect with varieties of social apps via Bluetooth. 

This includes apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and much more. This won’t let you miss any calls and messages. 

On the other hand, the limitation of this watch is no dialing pad and writing features.  

Water/Dust proof : 

Yocuby is tested in a controlled environment and certified to be water and dust proof in certain conditions. It is capable of resisting water  to some extent, which is useful for wet weather . Especially, when you workout in the drizzle. 

Remote music/camral:

With a smartwatch, you have a sense of freedom of wireless, phoneless, and weight-less things. 

It is beneficial for users that smartwatches have built-in speakers. If it has, you can play and control music through your wrist. You can add or remove the tracks through your wrist to make a perfect playlist. 

But, if it does not have, you take no worries! Simply connect via Bluetooth and enjoy it.

Fitness/Health instructor:

If you want to synchronize data of running, cycling, and sports just click on the fitness interface. Health tracker watches record daily step counting, distance walked, and much more. 

For those who don’t have enough time for the gym or sports, this feature is helpful to make you healthy and your time effective. 

In addition, sleep monitors record length and quality sleep every night. This data is used to improve your health by reminding you to rest. 

ELEGIANT Smart Watch

Product features:

  1. Fitness tracker.
  2. Different watch faces.
  3. Notification alert.
  4. Magnetic charging cable.
  5. Compatible with Android and IOS.

Key features: 

Fitness tracker: 

This feature is the core feature of many smartwatches. It will help you to achieve your fitness goal. 

Smart Watch C520 monitor heart rate, exercise mileage counter, weather report, pedometer and many more. This enormous data is recorded through an app called “GloryFitApp”.

This watch has 24 different modes of sport like spinning cycling,outdoor running, yoga,sit ups,boating etc. This feature let you inform all day activity.

Message/Call alert:

You will receive notification, call, email, and social  directly on your wrist. 

 This smartwatch is helpful, when  it is inconvenient to take a phone and you don’t let any important message to miss. 

Watch faces or your favourite picture by using  ” GloryFit”. You can download this app on the internet. 

 Long battery life: 

Smartwatches are something that you want to wear every day. And if you forget to charge, the next day you found it to be dead.   

But here, you don’t need to worry! Charging this watch for 2-3 hours it lasts up to 10 days battery life or 35 days of standby time.   

IP68 Waterproof:

ELEGIANT smartphones sustain a normal temperature of bathing (32-104°F). It can resist water up to fair depth when swimming.

Those smartwatches which have a standard rating of IP68  are fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand. It works up to a maximum depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes. 

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Smartwatch


  1. Noise-canceling Bluetooth in-ear Headset. 
  2. Magnetic charging.
  3. Notification vibrator. 
  4. Monitor blood pressure. 
  5. Rechargeable handsfree.

Key features:

Battery life and magnetic charging:

This smartwatch is equipped with earbuds, which can be charged in the smartwatch. 

Both are connected through magnetic charging. It consumes 60 minutes for charging which lasts up to a couple of days. 

With continuous use, it runs approx 7 days and has 15 days standby time. It contains a lithium battery with 110 mAh capacity.  

Alert notifications:

Incoming calls, SMS notifications, and SNS (skype, Line, etc) are informed through vibration. After turning on/off the notifications you will get them directly on your wrist.

Answering any important call in the busiest place is a cup of tea.

V19 Fitness Activity Tracker & Health Smart Watch


  1. Advanced SP02 and Blood Pressure tracking.
  2. Fitness tracker.
  3. Apnea notifications.
  4. Multi-functional features.
  5. Stopwatch with an alarm clock.
  6.  Dual-HR + HRV heart monitor.

Key features:

Fitness tracker :

This smartwatch has an HR tracker that intelligently records your all-day activities.

With BPM(beats per minute) tracking, your exercise is more efficient and safe. If your heart rate fluctuates to a dangerously high level, the smartwatch informs you via notifications. Whereas HRV helps to find the gap between heartbeats and it is an assessment of overall heart health. 

Furthermore, calories burnt, all-day activity, and sleep stages are also measurable by this smartwatch. GPS tracker draws a structure of route for training purposes.

Monitor blood pressure:

This feature is possible with the help of the Wofit app. By turning on the “Private BP mode”  you can get access to the data. 

Moreover, just by a single click, you will get an ECG report within seconds. With a professional HRV heart health report, get a structure of overall health in an easy way.

Usually, by enabling these features, the battery consumption rate is high. But, it is a small price to pay for your health and fitness goals. 

Overall, This smartwatch has a unique and convenient style to calculate blood pressure than the other watches.

IP68 waterproof and Versatile:

With IP68 waterproof, put your mind at ease when swimming or other outdoor/indoor exercises.

You can receive calls, texts, and other notifications on this smartwatch by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Other features like stopwatch, alarm, timer, camera remote, and stopwatch are available as well. 

 Only those smartphones with Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 or above are compatible with this smartwatch. Data can be synchronized via Bluetooth so you can understand and improve health rates.

Battery life:

Battery life is not one of the strong points of this smartwatch. Though it is pretty decent, yet you will find it a little inconvenient to charge it from time to time. A single charge of 2-3 hours can last up to 3-8 days, which in comparison to other watches is very short. 

The 130 mAh battery is insufficient for all the powerful features in this watch. Despite its all exciting features, the short battery life is a bit disappointing. 


There can be a number of reasons behind buying an affordable smartwatch: You are on a tight budget or want to give a present to your kids or this is your very first smartwatch and you don’t want to spend extra on it. 

For us, there are many things you look for in a smartwatch. First and foremost, it should have an attractive design. Next, It should have all the necessary features like water resistance, stopwatch, long battery life, and much more. And, if you can get advanced features by paying a little extra, go for it. Finally, it must be affordable.

Well, you might have your own preference, we have shortlisted the Wzpiss Bluetooth smartwatch for you. It is by far the best cheap watch under $50.

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