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Can You get Snapchat On A Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Samsung Smartwatches are the best alternative to Apple Watch for Android users. The company has a handful of watches under its banner that includes the latest Galaxy Watch 3, Active 2, to the old Galaxy Watch Active, Original Galaxy Watch, and Gear S3.

Recently, Samsung announced that its latest smartwatch will be getting a major update. The new Galaxy Watch 4 is set to feature the Wear co-developed by Google and Samsung and if the latter added a camera on it, we would find a dedicated Snapchat app on the Google play store for it.

For the watches that are currently available, there is no dedicated app for Snapchat whatsoever. Surprisingly, the old Galaxy watch used to have a Camera, and to make the best use of it, Snapchat released an app dubbed Snapchat Micro for wearable devices. More on that later.

We believe in the future, even if there is no dedicated camera on the watch, add-ons like Wristcam would tempt Snapchat to release an app for both Samsung, Apple, and Google devices and all those that have a dedicated app store for wearable apps.

What is Snapchat Micro?

Back in 2013, when Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Snapchat Micro was among 70 apps that came pre-installed on the device.

Originally developed by the Snapchat team, the app allowed users to send snaps directly from their wrists. The Gear devices had a 1.4-megapixel camera, which was capable of taking 10-second 720p videos. I admit the photo quality wasn’t great, but the convenience of sending photos made it popular among fans.

Apart from videos and photos, the app allows users to add a drawing or a caption. For this, the snap automatically opened on the Galaxy Note phone waiting for the creative additions.

The experiment failed when Samsung decided to ditch the camera in the latest Galaxy devices. Snapchat didn’t make any improvement to the app and later took it off the Galaxy Store.

Is It Possible To Get Snapchat On A Galaxy Watch?

Unfortunately, there is no other way around. Not only on a Galaxy Watch, but you also won’t find Snapchat on the mighty Apple Watch or Wear OS smartwatches. However, if you are interested in the notification from the Snapchat app on your smartphone, there is a way.

Almost all premium smartwatches allow you to get notifications from social media app, and those will LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity has a little advantage over other. You will get Snapchat notifications even if your phone is at home, and you are out running or exercising as long as you have Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.

Let’s discuss how to Enable Snapchat Notifications On Samsung Galaxy Watch.

How to enable Snapchat Notifications on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Snapchat may not have an app for Galaxy Watches, but you can receive your Snapchat notifications when wearing the watch and connected to your smartphone. And if you have the LTE version, you don’t need your smartphone around.

Though we have written these steps for Galaxy Watch 5, it would also work for the models

  1. Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  2. Galaxy Watch 4
  3. Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

To enable Snapchat notifications on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the Watch’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure your Android Phone is connected to the watch and has ‘Snapchat App‘ installed on it.
  • You might have the Galaxy Wearable App installed on your smartphone, if not install it first.
  • Once the watch is paired with the smartphone, navigate to ‘Watch Settings’>>’Notifications’>>’More’.
  • Locate Snapchat on the list and toggle the switch next to it that would enable Snapchat notifications on your Galaxy Watch 5.

That’s it, you will have Snapchat notifications right on your wrist. If the notifications don’t show up, restart the device. Hopefully, it will solve the problem.