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Can You Use an Apple Watch While Charging?

Apple Watch can make phone calls, stream music, and send messages. It is also able to track fitness goals and progress. But you already know all of this. That’s not what brings you here.

All mainstream electronic devices come with a rechargeable battery. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, and of course, the Apple Watch. You have to regularly recharge these devices to keep them functioning properly.

However, if you are like most people, it is hard to wait for any electronic device to fully charge so we can use all of its features. The convenience we had with other devices has grown on us.

For years, we have been using our iPhone, iPad, and even Macbook to the fullest while they are charging. However, the Apple Watch isn’t like any other device by the company.

Can You Use an Apple Watch While Charging?

You can not use an Apple Watch while it is charging. It is a wearable device that is always on your wrist, and when it runs out of battery, you will have to remove it from your wrist and put it on a charging cradle to recharge.

The watch uses a magnetic charging circle on the back of the device, and you have to place it on the charger for it to charge. The concave end of the charger fits around the charger perfectly and creates a strong magnetic force that holds the watch in place.

Again, the watch needs to be off your wrist and in tight contact with the charger to start charging.

As soon as you put the watch on charge it goes into a power-saving mode that turns the screen off. A green lightning bolt symbol will show on the watch’s face as well as other parameters like battery percentage, time, and date.

How long does the Apple Watch take to charge from the dead?

All models between Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 6 will take about two hours to charge from 0% to 100%. Whereas, Apple Watch Series 7 supports fast charging and takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge from dead.

Does Apple Watch Overcharge?

The Apple Watch does not overcharge just like other Apple devices. The reason for this is a special electronic controller chip that monitors the charging process and terminates charging when the battery is full.

This prevents the battery from being overcharged, which would damage it in the long term.

So if you prefer to charge your Apple watch overnight, you don’t have to worry. It will not charge any further after it is full.

Does Apple Watch Support Wireless Charging?

The Apple Watch does not support wireless charging. Despite the fact that Apple introduced the Qi charging standard in the Apple Watch 3, the company has not released a wireless charging mat, Airpower, that can be used to charge the watch.

Moreover, Apple has purposefully denied the support for third-party wireless charging pads in its watches.

Is there a Band to charge the Apple Watch without taking it off?

In the accessory design guideline under the ‘Made for Apple Watch’ program, the company has specifically instructed its trusted partner to not produce bands that can wirelessly charge the watch.

This warning was given because Apple doesn’t want third-party companies to produce charging devices that could harm their customers or the watch itself.

There is no rocket science behind the fact that a charging band could have led to low to moderate burning on the wrist. Given the company’s reputation all over the world, it’s not hard to see why they would issue this kind of warning.

And even if there is no direct contact between the charging band and skin, the occasional moisture on our skin could have led to complications.

Should Apple Watch be on or off while charging?

It does not matter if the Apple Watch is on or off while charging. The watch will charge either way as long as it is placed in close contact with the charger.

However, if you choose to leave the watch off while it is charging, the watch might turn on automatically.

Final Words:

We hope this article has answered all your questions about charging your Apple Watch. To recap, you can not use the watch while it is charging, and it usually takes about two hours to charge from 0% to 100%. The iWatch does not overcharge or support wireless charging.

Finally, there is no band on the market that can charge the watch without taking it off, and given the strict guidelines of the company, there won’t be in the future.