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Garmin Fenix 6 Tips and Tricks

Garmin Fenix 6 is by far the most popular outdoor watch. It comes in many variants and most of the Fenix 6 tips and tricks we are going to discuss here work with all the models. 

Let us mention them all here. 

  • Garmin Fenix 6S, 6S Pro (Standard, Saphire, Solar)
  • Garmin Fenix 6, 6 Pro (Standard, Saphire, Solar)
  • Garmin Fenix 6X, 6X Pro (Standard, Saphire, Solar)

If you are a die-hard Garmin Fan and a long-term user, these tips might seem obvious to you. However, we assure you that there is something for everyone in this guide.

Make Contactless Payments:

Garmin Fenix 6 has NFC technology which due to the lack of a touch screen is quite inconvenient to use. 

The following video will guide you to set up contactless payment for your Garmin Fenix.

You will have to use the Garmin Connect App on the phone to set up your Garmin Wallet and password for it. 

Fast Data Sync Over WI-FI

Garmin Fenix 6 has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options, so you can sync data with ease. Wi-Fi drains the battery life, but it syncs data faster. 

For instance, if you want to upload songs on the watch, the Bluetooth connectivity would take an eternity. 

You can set up a hotkey for Wifi Sync.

Settings>>system>>hot keys>>

The following video will guide you through the process.

This feature is the same for Garmin Fenix 6 and Fenix 5.

Get a New Strap:

Luckily, Garmin Fenix 6 comes with a quick-release mechanism so you can easily swap straps. Garmin’s official straps are quite expensive and are only available in leather and silicone material. 
We have compiled a list of Best Garmin Fenixes Straps which include a diverse range of budget third-party straps: leather, metal, silicone, and nylon.

Music Storage & Streaming 

Without a touchscreen interface, listening to music on the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro isn’t a pleasant experience. Even though we have access to our favorite music streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartradio, and Deezer, syncing data is pretty slow. 

The following video will guide you on how to set up Spotify for your Garmin Fenix. Remember, for offline Spotify music, you must have access to a premium account. 

To pair the wireless headphones/earbuds, follow the instructions below.

Settings>>Sensors & Accesories>>Add New>>Headphones.

Tip: This feature is not available on base models i.e., Garmin Fenix 6, 6S, 6X.

Solar Charging Isn’t An Alternative To Standard Top-Up

The Solar units have a marathon battery life, as they have an alternative for regular charging. If the standard variant makes it to a week on a single charge, the Solar model lasts up to 2 weeks between charges. 

On the inner side of the bezel, under the gorilla glass, there’s a minor 1mm strip for solar charging.

 No matter how sunny the outside environment is, the solar panel can’t charge the watch but rather neutralize the consumption of notification alerts adding a couple of hours to the overall battery. So don’t keep the watch in the sun in the hope that you won’t have to charge the watch regularly. 

The following chart by Garmin will give you a rough idea of how long the solar unit lasts in comparison to the standard ones. 

Add Or Remove Widgets:

You can add as well as remove widgets from your scroll-up screen, as per your preference. Fenix 6 differs from other Garmins with the scrollable design that allows it to show more data on the screen. 

Also, you can add new widgets/data fields on your own. The Garmin Connect IQ app would do the job.

Expedition mode 

Expedition mode is basically a sub-category of battery-saving mode. 

So what does it do? 

It’s quite similar to ordinary battery-saving mode with the difference that you’ll still be connected to GPS, no matter what. 

In the standard, battery-saving mode you just shut off all the features until the battery-saving mode is switched off.
Whereas in the expedition mode, the watch collects GPS track points once an hour, however, all the sensors and accessories, connection to the smartphone, would be turned off.

Trend line Popularity Tracking  

Trend line popularity tracking opts for the best track for your activity.

Wanna go for a hike? A walk? Cycling or running?

 For all the peculiar activities you’ll be recommended with different tracks, depending upon the type of activity you’re about to perform. 

For example, you’re up for a daily mellow walk. Obviously, mountains or trails won’t be a good option for it, so this feature opts for you the best walking track.

Go to map on the option, go to themed map, and then set up popularity routing listed in those options.


PacePro lets the user control its pace according to the aim or activity you’ve been performing. 

You need to set up a course/profile for this feature to help you. 

Once done, PacePro will notify you whether you’re going according to your pace set through your own course or not, it will let you slow down or speed up to meet your preset goals. 

You will have to set up the course/profile on the Garmin Connect App.

Upload New Maps:

Want to add new maps on the Garmin Fenix 6? No problem.

You can download the new Topo maps from Garmin or Openstreetmaps. The former is an expensive option, whereas, the latter doesn’t cost a dime but a little hassle. 

Download the maps on your computer, connect the Garmin Fenix via Usb and upload it in the ‘Garmin’ folder. 

Then on the watch, got to sports profile (Hold the middle button >> Activities & Apps >> Choose your sport >> Settings >> Data Screens >> Add New >> Map)

Add New Sports Tracking Modes

Regardless of how many fancy features Garmin offers you, there’s a single feature Garmin is pro at and is its pioneer. All the Garmin watches are specifically made to be robust sports trackers.

This may seem obvious but many forget that we can add more sports modes. If you navigate to the bottom of where we select preset sports, we have an option to add new ones.

Live Tracker/ Accident Detector 

You have two types of tracking on Fenix 6: live tracking, and event tracking. For live tracking, your recipients or close ones will receive a notification of your location, they can easily track you live through that send location.

For event tracking, text messages will be sent to your chosen recipients, at the start, and at some defined spots. You can also update them with the estimated time to reach your final location.

Within the Garmin Connect app, you can set up incident detection and add up to three users. Just like live tracking, it informs your chosen contacts of your emergency.

Garmin Smart Trainer Control 

Garmin watches have a lot of high-end features, but there’s still hidden an elite feature that hasn’t been discussed thoroughly. 

Garmin 6 pro can be used as a controller for a bike turbo trainer. 

So how does this trainer work? Your turbo trainer will be automatically connected once you start up with “indoor cycling mode”. 

Through the connection, the stats for cadence and power will pop up your screen. Varying upon your workout.

 For instance, suppose you’re going for a low-intensity workout, you need consistent power or resistance. The turbo trainer holds the resistance pretty well and reacts effectively to a change.

To make it work more precisely, connect it to the Garmin Connect app. It will let you set up a target which you aim to achieve (a specific speed or power limit). 

Additionally, mark up the starting point on it as well as your destination, this trainer will route you to your destination, picking up the path according to your specification. (low-intensity workout high-intensity workout etc).