How to charge Garmin watch without Charger?

Garmin offers a proprietary charging cable with all its watches, which simply put lacks the aesthetic appeal just like many of its watches. The charging mechanism is anything but unique, you just pop one end of the cable into the watch and its USB connector into the computer or wall outlet.

If you have lost your Garmin charging cable or it is simply out of your reach and looking for a way to charge the Garmin watch without a charger you are trying in vain.

Garmin Watches cannot be charged without the proprietary charger. However, if you own a SOLAR model of any Garmin watch, you can prolong the battery performance, but even that will not give you a full charge.

Here we will discuss frequently asked questions on Garmin Watch charging mechanism.

Let’s get started and debunk some myths.

Can I charge my Garmin watch wirelessly?

Garmin Vivomove Trend is the only Garmin watch that currently supports wireless charging (Qi-compatible). This means that you can charge it using any wireless Qi-certified charging pad.

But like other Garmin watches, Vivomove trend also has a proprietary port for wireless charging that is included in the box. You would get any wireless charging puck with the device.

Unlike Samsung and Apple, Garmin has been slow to include wireless charging in its products.

We hope that some of its future models will support this feature. But for now, you’ll have to stick with the old-fashioned way in most of the models including the latest Fenix 7, Epix 2, and Enduro series.

Can I charge my Garmin watch with a cell phone charger?

You cannot charge your Garmin watch with a cell phone charger. However, you can use the power adaptor of the phone or USB ports of your PC/Laptop to charge it.

No matter if it’s an iPhone adaptor or Android, Wall adaptor, or power bank, as long as you have the proprietary charging cable by Garmin, you can use any power source to charge your Garmin watch.

Can you charge a Garmin watch while running?

You can charge the Garmin watch charged while running if you can carry a portable charger with you.

But it is highly impractical as most of the features like activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and GPS will be disabled while the watch is charging.

We would recommend you get a SOLAR-powered Garmin Watch to ensure that you always have enough power to keep tracking your workouts.

Some of the best solar-powered Garmin watches for runners include the Garmin Instinct 2 Solar and Garmin Fenix 7X.

Can you overcharge a Garmin watch?

You can overcharge a Garmin Watch and it will inevitably lead to a shortened battery life of your device. Be sure to unplug your watch when it is fully charged (not more than 24 hours), and do not leave it plugged in for long periods of time.

Unlike the Apple Watch, Garmin doesn’t offer smart charging, where it will automatically stop charging once the battery is full.

Should I charge my Garmin watch every night?

Most Garmin Watches take only 2-3 hours to fully charge and stay on for a week and even longer. So there is no need to charge your Garmin watch every night. Just charge every once in a week or right when it drops below 10%.

How can I make my Garmin charge faster?

Garmin Watches don’t support fast charging like the modern Apple or Samsung Watches. All its watches charge consistently from 0 to 100% in about 2 hours.

However, if you aren’t using the standard power adaptor, and have your Garmin watch plugged into a PC, the watch might charge slower than usual.

How long does a Garmin watch battery last?

It depends on the model of the Garmin watch you are using, and whether you own the base variant or the Solar. On average, all Garmin Watches can last for a week if you consider the base variant, the SOLAR models offer double that performance.

The Fenix, Enduro, and Instinct lineups have some of the longest-running Garmin Watches on the market, these watches can easily last for a month or longer with normal use.

Consider for instance the latest release, Garmin Fenix 7X solar which can last for a whole year if you put it to the Battery Saver Watch Mode.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, there is no way to charge your Garmin watch without the proprietary charger. To recap, you can use any power source but the charging cable needs to be from Garmin. Wireless charging is not an option for Garmin watches as of now, and none of its current models support fast charging.