iTouch Smartwatches: Review And Comparison

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iTouch smartwatches are affordable wearables for buyers on a shoestring budget.  By mere looks, these watches look a lot similar to Apple Watch Series and Samsung watches and by their labeling, it seems to offer similar features. But, as is the case with budget products, you should not set the bar too high.

These smartwatches are sleek and stylish. They come in a variety of colors. And, they offer a good combination of fitness tracking and smartwatch features. 

To cut a long story short, we would recommend you to buy iTouch smartwatches for your kids, for exercise/running routine, and, above all, to get the latest features on a budget watch. 

In this article, we have reviewed the top three products by itouchwearables. iTOUCH Air 3 and Air Special Edition are successors of the company’s flagship product iTOUCH Air 2 Smartwatch, whereas, the iTOUCH Sport smartwatch has been just recently introduced by the company. 

  1. iTOUCH Air SE Smartwatch: Carry on iTouch Air 2 Legacy
  2. iTOUCH Air 3 Smartwatch: Best Of Both Worlds
  3. iTOUCH Sport Smartwatch: Affordable Watch For Sports Lover

iTOUCH Smartwatches Comparison: iTouch Air SE vs. Air 3 vs. Sport Smartwatch

FeaturesiTouch Air SE SmartwatchiTouch Air 3 SmartwatchiTouch Sport smartwatch
Screen Size/typeGlass screenCurved screen technology coupled with a full touch screenCurved Screen Technology
Material (e.g. plastic, stainless steel)Case Material: MetalStrap

Strap Material: SiliconeCase

Material: Metal 
Case Material: MetalStrap

Strap InterchangeableYesYes Yes
Strap/band size41-millimeter solid silicone band41-millimeter solid silicone band41-millimeter solid silicone band
Compatibility (Android, iOS)IOS and AndroidIOS and AndroidIOS and Android
Notification Alert YesYesYes
GPS (standalone/connected)ConnectedConnectedConnected
Sleep TrackerYesNoYes
Calorie trackerYesNoYes
Water resistantYesYesYes

iTouch Air SE Smartwatch Review

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Itouch Air Smart Edition Smartwatch is the perfect example of a stylish watch. The design is made keeping the modern demands and fashion trends right in mind. Watch looks smart with a blazer or as you are on the go for tracking.

The manufacturer’s choice of color is classically made to ensure both men’s and women’s use. Plus, there are a great variety of colors to choose from.

The manufacturer also engineered this watch while balancing all the aspects of life, ranging from fitness to socializing with friends and family. A variety of bands are also available, so the user gets complete access to their choices. 

As A Fitness Tracker 

Itouch Air Smart Edition Smartwatch deals with the top three fitness measures that are:

  1. Heart rate tracker

A heart rate tracker is essential, mostly if the user belongs to the elderly group. Itouch Air Smart Edition Smartwatch tracks the heart rate efficiently as the user performs day to day tasks. 

  1. Sport modes

The sport modes will help you know about your sports performance in jump rope and shoot hoops. 

  1. Calorie and step tracker 

You can quickly check the number of steps you take every day, along with the calories you burn out.

As A Smartwatch 

Your smartwatch should not be designated as smart if it does not do the following for you like Itouch Air Smart Edition Smartwatch.

  1. Notification Alert

A smart notification alert for the messages is something that allows you to socialize anywhere, anytime. 

  1. Timer/Stopwatch/Alarm

You don’t need to carry an extra alarm or stopwatch to track your time. Itouch Air Smart Edition Smartwatch can easily do this for you.

  1. Watch Face

iTouch Air SE has hundreds of watch faces to choose from. Plus, the variety of bands allows you to customize your watch design as close to the surrounding as possible. 

Battery Life

Most of the models of smartwatches available do not have good battery life. You need not worry because the Itouch Air Smart Edition Smartwatch offers an extended battery life.

You can have a continuous use after charging it once for more than 24 hours. Even some users have claimed that they didn’t need to charge repeatedly after charging fully once.


No matter if you are an iOS user or android, with Itouch Air Smart Edition Smartwatch, you need not worry about getting compatible with your smartphone. It Works with smartphones running Android 9.0 and up or iPhones running iOS 13.0 and higher

Along with this, you can use the Itouch apps on your smartwatch. Hence, there will be no hindrance in any way you want to work. You can download the manual here to set up iTouch Air SE. 

iTouch Sport Smartwatch Review

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In today’s world, nobody wants to stay behind in the crowd. That is why Itouch has successfully made all the better chances in the model and came up with a modern version called Itouch Air 3 Smartwatch. Because of its unique and attractive look, you can wear it almost anywhere without dropping an inch in your classical look.

 The durability is enhanced with this model due to the firm and resistant material. Sleek and smart design with a formal look will help you to impress your friends around. End of the day, the perfection of this model will surely inspire your needs.

As A Fitness Tracker 

Because of Itouch Air 3 Smartwatch, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any perks, especially when it’s all about your fitness. It is efficient to track your heart rate, and its sport modes can easily monitor your sports activities as you progress.

  1. Heart rate tracker

Monitoring heart rate with efficiency is something where Itouch Air 3 Smartwatch is perfect at. The change in workload can be tracked and hence, your overall cardiac output can be recorded by showing your current heart rate. This feature turns significant, especially for cardiac patients.

  1. Sport modes

Sport lovers always try to chase accessories that offer support in the field. Itouch Air 3 Smartwatch helps the user to notice the performance and evaluate for betterment.

  • As A Smartwatch 

Before you make a purchase, try to follow the below-mentioned features in your model:

  1. Notification Alert

The notification alert provided within this model supports the user not to miss any significant highlights even if they roam around without their smartphone.

  1. Timer/Stopwatch/Alarm

The alarm resource of this model will ping you whenever you want. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the time checks once you have set the alarm on. Both timer and a stopwatch features are there, however, their frequent use drains the battery fast.

  1. Watch Face

Like Air SE, it offers tons of watch faces. 

Battery Life

Most of the smartwatch users worry about the battery life. Itouch Air 3 Smartwatch provides an extended battery life that is enough to meet your operational needs. This watch also has a battery saver mode, ensuring the power closures if the battery draws off quickly.


No matter if you are an android or iOS user, you are all open to try Itouch Air 3 Smartwatch. The compatibility requirement is same as that for Air SE smartwatch.

iTouch Sport Smartwatch Review

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Nobody can resist loving the ideal round, smart, and sleek Itouch Sport smartwatch. Not merely for its challenging sporty experience but even for the everyday needs, it is highly recommended by the experts. 

Itouch successfully engineered the entire set of most demanding features in this model. Ranging from the good looks to additional features, this model is user friendly and easily carryable. The dial, the strap, the screen, everything is in concordance to what the modern users look for.

As A Fitness Tracker 

The right fitness tracker is user compliant because it offers every feature, and you can’t miss witnessing Itouch Sport smartwatch for offering:

  1. Heart rate tracker

Most heart rate trackers in the smartwatches are not themselves and can’t figure out minor ups and downs. On the contrary, the Itouch Sport smartwatch deals with the smartest trackers to detect any alteration in the pulse as you work all day long.

  1. Sport modes

Sport modes are further modified in this model. Now the users have options to pick up the respective sports activity that they are employing.

  1. Calorie and step tracker

Your Itouch Sport smartwatch will offer full support to check out the calories you burn while exercising or even the steps you go with throughout your day. That is undoubtedly something that users love to have when they are pretty much health conscious.

As A Smartwatch 

Itouch Sport smartwatch is provided with all the set of features which you might idealize to avail. These are:

  1. Notification Alert

Now, there is no chance of missing anything important from your friends or office as you roam around. After all, the Itouch Sport smartwatch will pop up everything significant from your circle.

  1. Timer/Stopwatch/Alarm

Your need for alarm is accomplished here in this model. Itouch Sport smartwatch is efficient to function as you set the alarm. You can pick up the desired tone to get a buzz with as the clock strikes your set time.

  1. Watch Face

Supports 100+ watch faces.

Battery Life

Have you ever wondered to charge your smartwatch only once fully and enjoy the use for up to 30 days? Maybe not. Itouch Sport smartwatch offers you to use it for 30 days without dropping the battery rapidly.


You can enjoy with your respective android or iOS phones without compromising even for a second. The connectivity is robust to prolong functioning without any hindrance or pause.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do All iTouch Smartwatches Have The Same Charger?

As the company has modified the charger design with the latest edition of the watches, not all the iTouch smartwatches have the same charger. But, it is easy to distinguish. 

All latest iTouch models share the same magnetic charger including the product we have reviews here. You can find the charger here.

  3. iTOUCH AIR 3

Can You Text On iTOUCH Sport Watch?

Yes, iTouch Sport smartwatch offers texting and calling functionality. However, keep in mind that it is not a standalone watch. Your phone would have to be in range for the smartwatch to reply to texts or calls.

Other iTouch smartwatches that offers Texting Feature:

  • iTouch Air 3
  • iTouch Air SE
  • iTouch Sport 2

How Do I Set Up My iTouch Watch?

The following video will help you to set up an iTouch Sport watch. The process is almost identical to other iTouch wearables set up. You can set up your itouch Air SE or Air 3 watch following the same.

Can You Change The Band On An iTouch Watch?

One of the key advantages of iTouch watches is the ease of changing bands. Plus, each watch comes with a variety of band/strap choices.

To replace the strap all you have to do is simply slide the smartwatch band through the clasp. The strap come in different sizes and colors to

Who Makes iTOUCH Wearables?

There is a wide misconception that Apple manufactures iTouch Wearables. You can guess by the price and features comparison that these products can never be offered by Apple. So, to answer the question, ‘is iTouch watch an Apple product?’, Absolutely not.

The company itouchwearables is a subsidiary of American Exchange Group
(aka AxnyGroup), which in turn is a NewYork based Fashion Company.

Is The iTOUCH Waterproof?

All the latest watches by the company are IP68 rated, so they all are waterproof to some degree. You can wash hands, take a bath, and swim with these watches on your wrist.

The redline is 5m depth. Submerging below this level can permanently damage the watch.

Not only that, these watches are highly resistant to dust and scratches thanks to the premium glass built.

You might find interesting: Best IP68 Rated Smartwatches

Why Won’t My iTouch Watch Turn On?

If you are just finished unboxing your iTouch watch and it won’t turn on, it might be due to dead battery for an extended period of time. You should charge the watch for at least 15 minutes and then press the side button to turn it on.

However, if it had stopped working after a few weeks/months of use, you should claim the 1-year warranty. It might be a technical issue or that of a dead battery.