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What Fitbit Do I have?

Fitbit has been making fitness trackers for years now and has become a major player in the wearable tech space.

The company started as a simple pedometer tracker but has since expanded its product line to include health-focused watches and powerful fitness trackers. There are fitness trackers for kids (Fitbit Ace 3), seniors (Fitbit Sense), women (Fitbit Luxe), and people with chronic health conditions (Fitbit Sense).

There are a lot of different Fitbit models out there, and if you bought the model yourself it would be easy to tell which Fitbit you have by looking at the packaging. The trouble comes when someone gave you Fitbit as a Christmas present or you picked one up second-hand. If that holds true in your case, worry not, we have done the leg work for you.

In this post, we will go over the different Fitbit models and how to identify each one.

Since there are an overwhelming number of Fitbits on the market, we will only be covering the most popular models. We will also share with you a sleek trick to find out your Fitbit model.

How to tell which Fitbit I have: Three Methods

There are three ways you can identify your Fitbit. The first involves looking at the physical device, the second is by checking the website, and the third is through the Fitbit app.

Method 1: Fitbit Model Number

The simplest way to tell which Fitbit you have is to look at the back or side of the device for the model number.  It starts with FB (Presumably for Fitbit) and has three digits next to it. For example, Fitbit Sense has a model number FB512 and Fitbit Versa 3 has a model number FB511.

If you see a model number on your Fitbit but don’t know what it means, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the current Fitbit models and their corresponding model numbers:

Here is a complete list of all major Fitbit devices and their model numbers.

FitbitModel No.TypeRelease Date
Fitbit FlexFB401TrackerMay 2013
Fitbit SurgeFB501TrackerOctober 2014
Fitbit ChargeFB404TrackerNovember 2014
Fitbit Charge HRFB405TrackerJanuary 2015
Fitbit BlazeFB502SmartwatchJanuary 2016
Fitbit AltaFB406TrackerFebruary 2016
Fitbit Charge 2FB407TrackerSeptember 2016
Fitbit Flex 2FB403TrackerOctober 2016
Fitbit Alta HRFB408TrackerMarch 2017
Fitbit IonicFB503SmartwatchSeptember 2017
Fitbit VersaFB504SmartwatchApril 2018
Fitbit Charge 3FB409TrackerOctober 2018
Fitbit Inspire HRFB413TrackerMarch 2019
Fitbit Inspire (NON-HR)FB412TrackerMarch 2019
Fitbit Versa LiteFB415SmartwatchMarch 2019
Fitbit Versa 2FB507SmartwatchSeptember 2019
Fitbit Charge 4FB417TrackerMarch 2020
Fitbit Versa 3FB511SmartwatchAugust 2020
Fitbit SenseFB512SmartwatchSeptember 2020
Fitbit Inspire 2FB418TrackerSeptember 2020
Fitbit Charge 5FB421TrackerSeptember 2021

Method 2: Check the Website

This method is quite tedious as you have to manually go through the Fitbit website and find your device.

You can easily differentiate a tracker from the Fitbit watch by its display. Once you have determined that, it will be much easier to find your device on the website.

We would only recommend this method if you can’t find the model number on your device.

Keep in mind that if your Fitbit is old, it might not be listed on the website. The company usually discontinues support for older devices.

Method 3: Check the App

As you head to Fitbit App to set up your Fitbit watch or tracker for the first time,  it will ask you “What are you Setting up”.

There would be a comprehensive list of compatible devices with clear photos. You can cross-check the photos with your device and find out which one you have.

This is, by far, the easiest method to determine your Fitbit device.


Fitbit offers a wide range of fitness trackers to suit everyone’s needs, from kids’ trackers to powerful health and fitness watches.

The company often discounts its tracker on special events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and that leads many people to buy it as a  gift for their loved ones. The receiver of the gift usually doesn’t know which Fitbit they have. However,  it’s quite simple to find out.

There are three ways to identify your Fitbit device: by looking at the model number, checking the website, or checking the app. The easiest method is to check the model number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a Fitbit Tracker and Smartwatch?

The major difference between a Fitbit tracker and a smartwatch is usability. A tracker is mostly focused on tracking your fitness and activity data whereas a smartwatch has more features like call, text, and app notifications, music control, payment methods, and much more.

The Fitbit tracker (for instance Fitbit Charge 5) usually has a minimalist design with a small display and is more affordable than a smartwatch (Fitbit Versa 3).

How do I know if I have a Fitbit versa 2 or 3?

You can check their model numbers, FB507 (for Versa 2) and FB511 (for Versa 3), on the back of these watches. Check if your watch has a GPS sensor or not; only Versa 3 comes with a built-in GPS sensor.

How do I know if I have a Fitbit Alta or Alta HR?

The best way to find out is by checking if your Fitbit Tracker has a  heart rate sensor or not. Alta HR has a heart rate sensor whereas Alta doesn’t. You can also check the model number of your Fitbit device.

How to find the Serial number of the Fitbit Watch?

To find out the serial number of your Fitbit watch, go to the Settings->Regulatory Information->Look for a code that includes both letters and numbers (12+ characters).

You can also find the serial number on the packaging of your Fitbit. We recommend you take a photo of the serial number as soon as it arrives as this unique number will help you find the watch when it is stolen or lost.