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How to Get Spotify on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world with almost 31% market share followed by Apple Music’s 15%. It can be used on a wide variety of devices including wearables.

We have already discussed Spotify integration with Garmin and Apple Watches. Now, let us take a look at how to set up Spotify on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Last year’s release by the company, Galaxy watch 4, is powered by Wear 3.0, the latest OS by Google, and so it is a break from the Tizen-powered Watches (Galaxy Watch, Watch 3, Active 2) that Samsung had been releasing before that. The Spotify app on the Galaxy Watch 4 is similar to that on other Android Wear Watches.

With its 16 GB storage and LTE connectivity, Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic is one of the best smartwatches for Spotify users.

Setting up Spotify on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic

To use Spotify on your Galaxy Watch 4, you need to have:

  • Spotify Premium account (If you want to download the songs for offline playback)
  • A Bluetooth enabled smartphone with the Spotify app installed
  • A stable internet connection or LTE connectivity
  • Bluetooth Earbuds or headphones

When you fill all the prerequisites, the next step is to install the app on the watch if it’s not already there.

How to install the Spotify app on Galaxy Watch 4?

Follow the below steps to install Spotify on your Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic:

  1. Swipe up from the main watch face on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
  2. Find and Tap the Play Store icon.
  3. Tap the magnifying glass icon.
  4. Type Spotify into the search bar or you can use the voice dictation
  5. Tap ‘Install’ to download and install the Spotify app on the Galaxy Watch

Open the app by tapping on the ‘Spotify Icon‘ as soon as it is installed. It will take you to the pairing page.

The final step is to link your Spotify account on paired Smartphone or other devices with that on Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic.

To link your Spotify account with the Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic, follow these steps, just navigate to the ‘Spotify’s pairing page’ on your smartphone and enter the code that you find on the watch. Both devices need to be connected to the internet.

Alternatively, you can open ‘Spotify’ on a web browser and navigate to Spotify’s pairing page. You would have to log in to your account first if you haven’t already. Next, you would have to fill in the password that appears on the Galaxy Watch.

Once Spotify is linked with your Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic, you can control all the music playback from the watch itself without having to take your phone out. You can also access all your playlists, podcasts, and radio stations right on your wrist.

What’s better? you can stream music right on the watch or can download the playbacks for offline listening on the Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic. There is plenty of space (16 GB) in the watch to store all your music downloads.

However, you must have a premium account and have a stable internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we listen to Spotify on Galaxy Watch 4’s speaker?

Yes, Spotify can be played on the watch’s speaker. The other way to listen to Spotify on the Galaxy Watch 4 is by using compatible Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

The Wear OS Spotify allows you to play music on the watch, smartphone, or any other device that has ‘Spotify Connect‘ integrated.

If for some reason you can’t play music on your’s Galaxy Watch Speaker, there is a neat workaround for it. To do this, open the Spotify desktop app or web player, find the song or playlist you want, select the device icon, select the Watch icon, and play.

What are some Spotify alternatives on Galaxy Watch 4?

As the Galaxy Watch 4 is running on Wear 3.0, it is quite obvious that there would be alternatives given that there are a ton of wearable apps on the Google Play store.

The first mention is ‘YouTube Music‘ that is a great Spotify alternative. It has an extensive library of songs and also offers ad-supported free listening.

‘Pandora’ is another great alternative to Spotify. It is a competitor to Spotify and is known for its personalized radio stations.

‘iHeart Radio’ and ‘Wear Casts’ are the other two Spotify alternatives that are worth mentioning.

Can we download music on Spotify for offline playback on Galaxy Watch 4?

Yes, Spotify Premium users can download tons of songs and podcasts for offline playback on the Galaxy Watch 4/4Classic.

To download music for offline playback on your watch, open the Spotify app and find the song or podcast you want to download, and select it from the list. Tap the’ download on watch’ icon to save it for offline playback.


The Spotify app on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a well-integrated app and is easy to use. You can access all your favorite songs, albums, and playlists on the watch itself without having to take your phone out. And if you have Spotify Premium, you can even download music for offline playback on the watch.

We hope that this post has made the Spotify integration on Galaxy Watch 4 clear to you. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.