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5 Best Smartwatches For Cycling and Mountain Biking ( 2023 Picks)

The best smartwatches for cycling and mountain biking are versatile in usage with many advanced features. Before the invitation of these watches, a handlebar-mounted bike computer was the only option for recording data and tracking GPS routes. And even now, a great many cyclists prefer mounted-bike computers because of their potency and accuracy.

However, with rapidly advancing technology, these features are now available in smartwatches. They have special modes for cycling and biking, and their companies offer compatible apps like Cyclemeter and Zwift. These apps, in turn, are built to give you valuable insights in an intuitive format. (chart, graphs and tabular format)

For triathletes and multi-sport athletes, these smartwatches are highly preferred due to handy features and for different body measurements. It is capable of tracking heart rate, sleep time, and optimal recovery time of muscles.    

These watches acquire the specialty of being tracked on/off the bike.  Moreover, these would be used more than just biking. The smartwatches for cycling and mountain are timepieces; which are specially designed for swimming and running. 

Despite significant features, many recreational bikers don’t want to spend even a single buck just because to track their daily/weekly rides.

So, we have enlisted the most recent models which are affordable and sturdy. Smartwatches like the Garmin Fenix 5 and Fitbit Ionic standout from the rest of all.

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Here’s a quick look at some of the best smartwatches which are recommended by cyclists.

Disclaimer: If you buy through affiliate links on this article, we may earn a commission without any additional cost to you. 

Best Watches for Cycling & Mountain Biking:

  1. Best Garmin Watch for cycling and running: Garmin Fenix 5
  2. Best Cheap Smartwatches For Running And Cycling: Polar M430
  3. Best Smartwatch For Running Swimming And Cycling: Fitbit Ionic
  4. Best  Value Smartwatch For Cycling And Mountaineering: Garmin Forerunner 235
  5. Best Apple Watch For Cycling And Mountain Biking

Garmin Fenix 5

Garmin Fenix 5

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One of the best smartwatches for cycling and mountain biking, Garmin Fenix 5 stands first in the row with its powerful features. Plus, it is also our best choice for running.

This smartwatch is compatible with Strava. This app helps you track human exercise data and other social network features. 

Garmin Fenix has been known for rough use and manufactured for outdoor purposes. 

This watch is comparatively smaller in size than its predecessor( Garmin Fenix 3). However, there is an insane number of activities that you can track with Garmin Fenix 5 like swimming, running, and skydiving. 

Next, if you want to go on a long trip this smartwatch is convenient because it lasts many days. In comparison,  Garmin Fenix 5 works for 2 weeks in Simple mode, 60 hours in UltraTrac mode, and 24 hours in GPS mode respectively. 

Garmin Fenix stays ahead of many renowned smartwatches, thanks mainly to its powerful feature and durable design. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. 24/7 heart rate monitoring.
  2. Amplified navigational features.
  3. Optimal display.
  4. More sport mode.
  5. V02 Max reading.

The classy look of this watch may not please many of us, while other significant features are enough to buy Garmin Fenix 5. 

It has 3 different cycling profiles: indoor biking, biking, MTB(mountain biking).

One of the finest and odd features of this smartwatch is TrackBack which helps the rider to retrace its route back from where it started initially. It also has topographical maps and pre-loaded streets.

Also, it can resist water to 10 ATM which means you take no worry when swimming and open water tracking modes.

However, the price of the Garmin Fenix 5 is fairly wild as compared to its predecessor. 

Polar M430

Polar M430

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The Polar M430 Watch tries to fill the demand for biking, especially mountain biking. 

Unlike Apple and Samsung watches, this watch is designed for sports and outdoor activities. Polar M430 has a monochrome style, this makes the screen easily visible while on the bike. It has an invert option to display the screen in dark conditions. 

This watch is the successor to the beloved M400, which is preferred by most of the runners and cyclists. The list of upgrade features are minimal, but the changes in the newly Polar M430 smartwatch are distinguishable.

 Polar smartwatches are renowned just because of the M400. It is considered one of the best, as navigational tools are negligible, regardless of it, GPS tracker is reliable.  

It improves all the features of its predecessor Polar M400, even adding more!. This M430 now has a wrist-based heart rate sensor, improved GPS, and a sleep tracker. 

The odd and significant feature is the Silicon strap with holes that make it comfy and handy. This improvement is beneficial for those who find M400 discomforting.

Above all, Polar M430 is the best affordable watch for biking, water resistance, and inexpensive too.

Fitbit Ionic

It is surprising to hear that a renowned company(Fitbit) designed a smartwatch which is best for cyclist and mountain biking. 

Fitbit Ionic is better than most of the smartwatches because of its glory features. Features like: waterproofing, mobile payment, and head rate tracking are available in this smartwatch. 

 It is compatible with IOS and Android, you can use many apps via Fitbit. 

This smartwatch is designed to look attractive and is the best Fitbit product so far. Fitbit Ionic offers all similar features that an expensive Apple or Wear OS smartwatches offer.

The Fitbit Ionic is contrary to Apple and Wear OS smartwatches in the following cases.

Firstly, it has similar features to all those watches which are expensive and used in cycling and swimming. It has the same resolution as the Apple watch 2; which is 384×250. 

Secondly, the UI(user interface) is in rectangular shape which is quite larger than the square face watches. The apparent display makes the screen visible in daylight also. 

The watch faces are not too impressive and cool. Something that makes the touchscreen respond slowly and it is observed by many users. The good thing about this smartwatch is that it contains hardware buttons on the left and right sides of the watch. 

The Fitbit Ionic is connected with a global satellite and has an integrated antenna and uses GLONASS, to provide more accurate data. 

There is nothing to find fault in the Fitbit Ionic except for wrist payments. Unlike others, it cannot pay money as Apple and androids pay. Furthermore, remote music is hard to use.

Garmin Forerunner 235

Garmin Forerunner 235

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If you are looking all-in-one smartwatch, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is best for cycling and mountain biking.   

It can be used for both casual and serious runners. It has an updated GPS tracker to measure each pace and distance when cycling and mountain biking. 

This watch is ‘future-proof’ which means it is unlikely to become out of date. Data, which is obtained after your exercise, running, and cycling are detailed and compiled. It is useful when you find accurate heart rate tracking. 

Despite its name, this smartwatch is actually more than a running watch. It has different sports activities like running, swimming and others. 

Next, it can display notifications and income calls when connected with Android and Apple phones. The sleek design of this watch makes it comfortable and impressive. 

Like other watches, Garmin Forerunner 235 is particularly used to measure distance, time, and burnt calories. This smartwatch even does more, it estimates the amount of oxygen than is necessary for breathing during a workout. 

On the fitness side, it works with GLONASS(GPS satellite), which is useful in those locations where you found GPS to be limited. 

There are a lot of features that are recently added to the new model of Garmin(235). This watch has an advanced heart rate tracking system, notifications reminder, and music control. Furthermore, it is lighter in weight and has a higher resolution display than its predecessor. 

Recovery advisor is the key feature of  Garmin Forerunner, which informs how much amount of rest is required to perform the next workout.  

It stands out in the row of its competitor smartwatches, due to a large battery.

On the downside, it is quite expensive, unlike the Polar M30. Moreover, when compared with other smartwatches at the same price, its lack of accuracy.

Apple watch 4

Apple watch 4

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When we talk about upgrading smartwatches with updated processors,Apple watch 4 is one of them. It is greatly improved with 64 bit, while other Apple watches contain 32 bit. if you are a fan of Apple products and can’t ditch it for others, this is the one of the very best smartwatches for cycling and mountain biking.

Apple Watch 4 has a rigid and smart look with an enormous feature, this creates a love for Apple products.

Apple Watch 4 offers two new changes to Apple 3, it comes in large display with extra exercise features and now available in stainless steel and gold material.

Next, you are now accessible to collect data from cycling, running, and swimming accurately. Even you can track and analyze the stats of your whole day’s activity. 

The major difference between these two smartwatches is the screen resolution which is more engaging. When you install Cyclemeter Cycling Running GPS, cycling data is automatically fed in it.

Newly updated feature(ECG), which is very worthy and rewarding. It indicates you to slow down when there is the fluctuation of your arms while taking ECG. However, this watch contains only one sensor which is a Digital crown. Apple watches 4 results are not as accurate as medical faculty. 

It has a corner-to-corner display, just to look stylish and sleek. The watch face is known as Infographics Modular. The smartwatch is used to configure such data from exercise. such features to do something existing.  

Moreover, this smartwatch has a built-in speaker which is louder and clear. 

We had accepted many things from Apple products, but here this watches large in battery timing when compared with Garmin Fenix.

Buying Guide For The Best Watches For Cycling And Mountain Biking


If you buy cheap watches for mountain biking and cycling, these low budget watches are designed for casual use. which does not have significant features like water resistance.

 For cyclists and mountain riding, you want such watches that have the quality to resist water. This is useful when you are supposed to work outside or when you are on trails. 

Saturation of smartwatches when contact with fluid, are such a headache nowadays. Be aware, when choosing smartwatches for your daily uses.

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Battery Life

Most of the smartwatches come with batteries which last one to two days hardly, some of them only last only one day.

 But, it depends upon how often you are willing to use your smartwatch. 

Battery life is an important factor because your track can be lost when your watch is turned off. Those watches which have voice capability cannot be turned on more than one day. But, this problem is compensated by magnetic charging, you don’t need to plug the charger into the device.

Some prominent smartwatches like Apple and Gear sport, last up to 18-24 hours. It is compulsory to check the battery before buying any smartwatch.  

Fitness feature and Heart rate monitor

Fitness features attract more buyers to buy smartwatches, and multifunction attract the attention of customers.

If you use a smartwatch for primary work, you should consider a fitness tracker. For an activity tracker, some smartwatches rely on smartphones. But many of them have built-in features for activities. 

Watches for cycling and mountain biking, have a heart-rate monitoring system. Mainly this feature is wrist-based means they track heart-rate from your wrist. If your smartwatch is not tightly held you will get wrong data.

In addition to heart rate tracking, there are many features that are useful for those who have a keen interest in running and swimming. 

GPS tracker

For cyclists, one of the features you have to look for which is obligatory is a reliable GPS tracker.  This means a lot to cyclists for navigating their trail easily. 

Some smartwatches offer Breadcrumb Navigation. It is a form of site navigation that shows visitors where they are on a site’s hierarchy of pages and helps you to move on the point where you started. 

Easy to Read Display

The best smartwatch offers you a couple of straps and this is important when you want to personalize your device.

keeping in mind that smartwatches that are highly comfortable are preferable watches. It mainly depends upon the design and structure of smartwatches. The screen of your smartwatch is such that it makes your exercise/track data worthly. 

The only thing that is reliable with any smartwatch is the display. It doesn’t matter how large it is but it should be bright enough to look even in daylight.  

Hardware Design

The user interface of smartwatches are a bit large, so you have to compromise. Other than you check the features that are in smartwatches like compatibility. 

Keeping in mind comfort counts a lot, Only those smartwatches are preferred which is best for those with thin/fat fingers. Otherwise, it is difficult to use properly. 

There are plenty of options before buying a smartwatch. For instance, you can choose the material of watch, shape, and colors. For cyclists and mountain biking, a watch with hardware buttons is more beneficial. 

Others features

All watches here are fitness-focused. In Spite of it, some offer hundreds and thousands of apps.

You can pay your bills and payment to the latest devices with the help of your wrist. You can control music inside and outside the smartwatch and camera too.

Anyhow, basic amenities of any watch to track your route, call, and notifications. 


Handlebar-mounted biking computers are not more convenient in case of cycling and mountain biking. Because it is unattainable to find these things which are related to your body.  Being on the wrist, calculate heart rate, and show the route ‘sound good’. 

While on road-biking or you are on mountain biking GPS tracker helps you a lot in any case. Furthermore, you can make your drive more enjoyable when your watch is compatible with any device. 

Many models now offer GPx track format, which is helpful in those areas where you cannot find your route precisely. Despite its small size, it is a highly sensational device. 

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