Can You Charge An Apple Watch with An iPhone?

Apple has been very strict about which devices can be used to charge the Watch. Officially, you can only use the included charging cable or the charger from any of its certified partners.

Ever since Apple started to ship the iPhones and Apple Watch without a dedicated charger, people have been looking for ways to find the cheapest way to charge these devices.

There has been a lot of disinformation regarding this matter, and we are here to clear the air.

Can You Charge An Apple Watch with An iPhone?

You cannot charge the Apple Watch with an iPhone as they cannot share the power the same way the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Phone do. The Apple Watch can only be charged with a certified charging cable having a magnetic puck on one side.

Anyone who is telling you that they have been able to recharge their Watches using an iPhone if they position the two devices correctly is spreading misinformation. We have personally checked, but it doesn’t work.

Likewise, you cannot charge the iPhone with the Apple Watch magnetic charger even so that the latest iPhone models (like XS MAX, 11, 12, and 13) support Qi charging Standard.

If you want to know about the Apple Watch charging and connectivity, Read on.

Can I charge my Apple Watch with a Qi wireless charger?

Apple Watch Series 3 through the latest Series 7, all Apple Watches Qi-wireless charging standard. However, you cannot charge the watch with a non-Apple Qi Wireless Charger.

The reason for this is that the Apple Watch has been purposefully engineered its watches in a way that they are incompatible with third-party Qi chargers. The company has no plan to follow a universal Qi- standard in the near future.

Can I charge Apple Watch Series 7 with a Series 3 Charger?

Yes, you can charge AW7 with an AW3 charger. However, the charging speed might not be as fast as using an original charger.

As mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch 7 doesn’t come with a charging puck which leads many people to skimp on buying the new Apple Watch and using the old charger instead.

However, we recommend you get a new Apple Watch charging puck, it is totally worth the investment.

Are All Apple Watch Chargers the Same? 

All Apple Watch chargers are the same except for that of Series 7 which uses a USB-C connector instead of USB-A and supports fast charging.

However, all Apple watch chargers look the same. On one end of the charger is the magnetic charging puck which plugs into the Watch’s charging port.

The other end of the charger has a standard USB-A that plugs into any USB power adapter, computer, or laptop.

Why can’t I use iPhone, or iPad Charger to charge the Apple Watch?

You cannot use iPhone, or iPad Charger to charge the Apple Watch because they have a different build.

However, if you are referring here to the wall puck or power adaptor of these devices, then yes, you can plug in the USB-A or USB-C end of the cable into one of these pucks and charge the Apple Watch from the magnetic puck on the other end without any damage.

Surely, there is a difference between wattage and amperage being transmitted. Therefore, Apple doesn’t officially support using any other device to charge the Watch.

Do I Need An Adapter To Charge My Apple Watch? 

You don’t need an adapter to charge your Apple Watch as the cable that comes in the box is a USB to the magnetic charging cable. You can plug in the USB to any supported adapter, computer, or laptop.

Final Words:

We hope that this article has cleared some things up for you and answered any questions you might have had about charging your Apple Watch. To recap,

  • You cannot charge the Apple Watch with an iPhone or share power from one device to another.
  • The Apple Watch can only be charged with a certified charging cable with the magnetic puck on one side or a MagSafe charger.
  • The latest model of the Apple Watch, from series 3 to Series 7, supports Qi-wireless charging standards but you cannot use a third-party Qi charger.
  • All Apple watch chargers are the same except for the one for the Series 7 which uses a USB-C connector.