Best Smartwatch for Motorola Phones |Moto G7, Moto G Stylus, Moto One 5G Ace

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Motorola has introduced two new affordable models this year, Moto G Stylus (2021), Moto G Power (2021), and Moto One 5G Ace (2021). 

If you have recently bought one of these, or have old models, and looking for a suitable smartwatch to flawlessly pair with them, you have come to the right place. 

The smartwatches we have curated in this list are not compatible with both high-end and affordable models. That includes premium models like Moto Edge, Razr+, and Edge+ as well as budget phones like Moto G7 and G6 and even Moto Z series. 

As all the Motorola phones run Android OS, you will find an overlap of smartwatches that flawlessly pairs with other Android-based Platforms like LG Phones and Google Pixel phones

We have put serious effort to curate these smartwatches so you won’t have to look any harder to find compatible models yourself. Also, we tried our best to make this list as versatile as possible. You will find health-focused watches like Fitbit Versa 2, Samsung Galaxy watches Active 2 as well as some of the most rugged smartwatches like Garmin Fenix 5X.

Top Smartwatches For Motorola:

Best Affordable Fitbit:

Fitbit Versa 2

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as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

The versatility of Fitbit never has been a matter of question. That makes them compliment your Motorola phone perfectly at a very reasonable price too. 


  • AMOLED Screen
  • Added Microphone for voice commands (Alexa)
  • Sleep Tracking enabled
  • FitBit Pay is compatible
  • Fully functional FitbitOS that works seamlessly with Motorola Phones.
  • Onboard memory for offline Music


Design-wise, Versa 2 is pretty solid, with the same aluminum frame as in Versa but better and improved silicone bands. The Navigation has been reduced from three buttons on the side to only one. 

The watch is quite light and comfortable to wear for longer periods. It also comes with water resistance up to 5ATM. 

The navigation is improved with the touch panel. The better and faster processor allows for snappier swipes and touches. It is not too fast, like the latest Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3,  but definitely an improvement from its predecessor. 

The FitbitOS allows for multiple apps like Deezer, Pandora, etc to be compatible with your watch. 

Versa 2 has been equipped with a decent battery. It can give a charge of upto 5 days with its always-on feature turned off. With the always-on feature turned on, it lasts for about 3 days. As it lacks onboard GPS, it doesn’t drain the battery through that.

Its sleep monitoring features allow you to record your heart rate, breathing rate, time of being asleep. All these results are shown in the form of a sleep score, depicting how restless or sound you have slept.

 As a fitness trainer the watch counts your steps, distance walked, calories burned, etc. It uses the GPS of your Motorola to map your position.

  • Great battery life probably outperforming your Motorola phone
  • Sleep tracking is quite nifty
  • The app is refined and user friendly
  • Lack of onboard GPS

Motorola’s Flagship Smartwatch:

MOTO 360 (2019 Edition)

$170.99  in stock
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as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

What can be a better watch for your Motorola phone than its own, branded Moto 360. A smartwatch as well as a fitness trainer to some extent, can be your daily driver. 


  • Classic circular design
  • 1.2 inches AMOLED panel
  • Always-on display
  • Controlled by Google’s Wear OS
  • Links with Google fit to store your stats
  • 1 GB RAM with 8 GB onboard memory


Moto 360 is a sturdy, rigid but a little bit bulky watch. Weighing at about 56 grams, it is not the lightest out there. It comes with both silicone and leather bands. The watch has a crisp AMOLED display and tons of watch faces to choose from.  

You can navigate the watch using the two buttons on the side. The touch command register for the majority of times. The swipes are quite smooth and quick. As it has an always-on display, it shows time, temperature, and date. It also has a 3ATM water resistance that keeps it splash and dustproof.

Moto 360 is powered by a 355 mAh battery but it does not keep it running for quite a long time. The blame can be put on its always-on display. It lasts only for about 26 hours with average use. Charges up completely in an hour though which is a plus.

As a fitness trainer, the watch tracks about 20 different sports with accurate readings like heart rate, breathing rate, blood oxygen level, etc. It also keeps tabs on other necessary info like distance traveled, time is taken, accelerometer, etc. The watch also comes with a standalone GPS which will help you conserve your Motorola’s battery.

  • Always on Display
  • Classically Great Aesthetics
  • Easy to navigate WearOS based interface.
  • Sufficient fitness features
  • Short battery endurance
  • Connectivity-wise a bit problematic

Affordable LTE Watch For Motorola:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is an All for one and One for All kinda deal. This makes it compatible with all android phones, consequently Motorola phones. 


  • 4GB’s of internal storage
  • 320×320 HD AMOLED Panel
  • Standalone GPS and Barometric Altimeter
  • Operated by TizenOS
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Switchable always-on display


Samsung is known for its great Super AMOLED displays. The Active 2 has a 360×360 touch panel which is sharp, vibrant, and has great viewing angles. The watch is pretty light at 30 g and has the standard 20mm removable straps which you can swap according to your own liking and mood. 

Galaxy Active 2 is controlled by a feature called a touch bezel which is a digital embodiment of the mechanical dial in the previous model. The interface, made of Tizen OS, is quite simple and user-friendly. It is fast, snappy, and lag-free. The watch rocks an always-on display which is also customizable. 

Galaxy Active 2 has pretty average battery life. With the always-on display turned off, it can last for almost 2 days along with music and other apps. With the display turned on, it lasts for a bit more than 24 hours. It juices up in about 2 complete hours.

For the fitness craving users of Motorola, Galaxy Active 2 has probably everything you need. It has separate trackers for almost all sports as well as a heart rate monitor and ECG. The watch connects to your phones via Bluetooth but also allows wifi connectivity in case of the phone being out of range.

  • Sleep tracking enabled
  • Offline Spotify support.
  • Built-in speaker and microphone for calls
  • Battery life is average

Best Fitbit Alternative For Motorola:

Garmin Venu

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as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

Backed by a decent battery, complemented by tons of fitness features, Garmin Venu can perfectly be a watch that goes hand in hand with your Motorola phone. 


  • OLED Display
  • Offline Music storage
  • Polymerized fiber casing
  • Standalone GPS 
  • A fully functional Pulse oximeter
  • Barometric altimeter


Garmin Venu is a sturdy and tough watch, quite reasonable for Motorola users. The casing is made out of Fiber-reinforced polymer which makes it strong and light at the same time, weighing 46 grams only. It is also protected by a stainless steel bezel and Gorilla Glass 3. Water resistance of 5ATM is also provided. 

The OLED HD display provides quite an experience. The interface itself is user-friendly and simple. The widgets are arranged in a vertical manner which you can also customize according to your Motorola phone. Onboard music can also be controlled using the watch quite easily.  

Garmin Venu has a great, enduring battery. In the smartwatch mode, in which the GPS is turned off, it gives 6 days of battery backup. Now when the GPS is constantly on and you are also using your watch for music, it lasts for six hours which is comparatively better. 

The watch is loaded with tons of smartwatch as well as fitness trainer features. It has GPS with GLONASS and GALILEO support. It also comes with a barometric altimeter that is equipped with a storm alarm. You can track all your favorite sports using other sensors like accelerometer, thermometer, and heart rate sensor. The smartwatch features like rejecting the call with a message, Garmin Pay, and music control for both, the watch and your Motorola are also provided. 

  • Crisp OLED display with the always-on feature
  • Smart and accurate sensors
  • Useful and accurate sleep tracking
  • The touchscreen can be fiddly

Best By Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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32 used from $200.32
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as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

With one of the best smartwatch experiences, great design, and top specifications, Galaxy Watch 3 is the perfect watch for all series of Motorola phones. 


  • 1.4 inch AMOLED screen
  • Supports wireless charging
  • 1 GB RAM with 8 GB storage
  • Tizen based OS
  • Military Standards of durability
  • A-GPS with barometric altimeter


Samsung Watch 3 is a tough thing. Available in both titanium (weighing at 43 g) and stainless steel (a bit heavier at 53 g), they are capable of taking most of the stuff you throw at them. The display is also protected by Gorilla Glass DX. It also comes with a 5ATM IP68 rating along with MIL-STD-810 protection. 

The display is crisp and sharp, with deep blacks and clear whites. The navigation through the watch done by a rotating mechanical bezel and two buttons on the side. This makes it a lot convenient for sportsmen and athletes with sweaty palms. The TizenOS is also well optimized and lag free.

The battery situation is not very great with Watch 3. It gives up to 2 days of backup with always-on feature turned on and occasional GPS usage. You can squeeze it up to 3 days if the always-on display is turned off. It completely charges up in about 2 hours which is slow too. 

Galaxy Watch 3 comes with an auto-trigger, which will start its recording capabilities for 7 sports automatically. These include running, cycling, swimming and dynamic workouts. For a smartwatch, it has all the standard smartwatch features like chat history on your watch, offline music support, offline Spotify support. Samsung Pay is also supported along with NFC for contactless payments. 

  • Amazing Display quality
  • Rotating bezel for convenience
  • Useful Sleep tracking
  • GPS is not very accurate
  • Battery is average

Cheapest Android Watch For Moto G7:

Ticwatch E2

$159.99  in stock
as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

Ticwatch E2 is a great value, completely packaged WearOS smartwatch by a Chinese brand Mobvoi which can be a go-to watch for all Motorola users. 


  • A large 1.39 inch AMOLED panel
  • Lightweight polycarbonate casing
  • 4GB of internal storage
  • GPS with GLONASS and Beidou 
  • Up to 5ATM of water resistance 
  • Large 415 mAh battery 


As chunky as it may seem, the watch itself is not very heavy. It weighs at only 53 grams with the straps so you can just wear it and then forget it. The standard silicone straps are also interchangeable as per your choice or to match or contrast your Motorola phone. The 5ATM resistance allows for standard 50 meters dust and water resistance. 

The display quality is good for a budget friendly watch. It has a great 400×400 HD resolution with spot-on color accuracy. The navigation is quite simple too, with a touch panel with snappy swipes and a button on the right. The WearOS based interface is also user-friendly and self-explanatory. 

The battery endurance is not the greatest out there but it is good enough for its price point. It lasts about 4 days with occasional Fitness training. With the GPS and always-on display, it decreases to about 2 days. But it charges fast with 0-100% in under an hour.  

Swiping left to right on the watch face takes you to the fitness hub from where you can pick out of the various sports you are performing. Some of them include the indoor run, outdoor run and walking, swimming and some freestyles too. GPS can be a mess sometimes when it loses connection or simply fails to connect. Onboard storage is a welcome step for music enthusiasts. 

  • Great bang for your bucks
  • Great for swimmers and surfers.
  • Supports fast charging
  • Average design
  • Average battery life
  • Messy GPS

Best Outdoor Smartwatch For Motorola

Garmin Fenix 5X

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29 new from $338.76
14 used from $259.99
as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

Garmin’s Fenix lineup is more on the elitist and premium side. This doesn’t stop them from being your everyday carry along with your Motorola phone. 


  • Fiber-reinforced polymer casing
  • 1.2-inch color LCD display
  • Display protected by sapphire
  • GPS with GLONASS support
  • Up to 10ATM Water resistance
  • UltraTrac mode for smart usage


Fenix 5X is bulky (weighing 98 grams) but mean watch. There are absolutely no compromises while the build of this watch is concerned. The display protected by Sapphire handles all sorts of roughness. The fiber casing is sturdy and rugged. 

The controls and interface are pretty straightforward. The traditional button controls are present which have tactile feedback to them. They are very convenient to use and can be used while running and exercising. Especially music controls are very easy like play pause, next previous track and volume controls are all done by the side buttons

The battery life is probably the greatest feature in Fenix 5X. The watch lasts for a whopping 12 days on the smartwatch mode. On the GPS mode though, the numbers drastically decrease to 20 hours. The UltraTrac on the other hand lasts for 35 hours

The fitness trainer aspect of this watch is remarkable. It’s got everything you need. From a fully functional GPS to the Barometric Altimeter and the heart rate sensor. All sports can be separately monitored too, according to your choice. The smartwatch aspects include calls, emails and SMS reception, and all sorts of music control. All in all a perfect combination for your Motorola phones.

  • reat battery life
  • Display easy to read under the sun
  • Great GPS accuracy
  • No built-in Music storage
  • A bit expensive

Best Android Smartwatch For Motorola

Fossil Gen 5

 in stock
4 new from $189.00
8 used from $166.32
as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

Fossil has been in the smartwatch game for quite a while now. Their latest Gen 5 is probably a commendable step in the smartwatch realm, specifically for Motorola users. 


  • 1.28 inch AMOLED display
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB onboard storage 
  • Built-in speaker and mic for calls
  • NFC supported 
  • Swim proof up to 3ATM
  • Built-in GPS 


Fossil Gen5 is not the lightest watch in the market, weighing 99.7 grams. It can be a problem for runners and joggers but nothing too serious. The straps are standard 22mm ones which are available in both silicone and metal. The watch is waterproof in up to 30 meters of water, which makes them an excellent choice for swimmers. 

The display quality is very sharp and pleasing with great viewing angles. The watch is controlled using 3 customizable buttons on one side. The menus can be navigated using the tiny crown as the rotating bezel is lacking.    

Fossil Gen5 has 3 different battery modes. The first is the Daily mode in which all the features are being used, this lasts for a day only. The extended battery mode lasts for more than 2 days. There is also a custom mode to set the usage according to the User’s preference. 

As a smartwatch, Gen5 lags nowhere behind. The NFC is present for all your contactless payments. The phone is equipped with a speaker and a mic to make and receive calls. Speaker can also be used for music. It comes with a quite accurate GPS and a heart rate sensor. For fitness freaks, this watch tracks all your steps, the calories you burned, the distance traveled, and much more.  

  • Pre-installed watch faces
  • Customizable battery mode
  • Purposeful built-in speaker
  • A bit heavy
  • The battery is So-So.

Cheapest Smartwatch For Motorola:

Amazfit Verge

$155.95  in stock
4 new from $155.95
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

Amazfit Verge is one of china’s Tech giants, Xiaomi’s take on the smartwatch realm. Motorola users can definitely benefit from this cheap but fully-kitted smartwatch. 


  • AMOLED screen
  • Built-in GPS 
  • 2Gb internal storage
  • Built-in speaker and mic for calls 
  • IP68 water-resistance
  • Large 390 mAh battery


Starting with the design aspect, the verge is very lightweight. The frame is made out of a polycarbonate body and weighs around 46 grams which is almost unnoticeable. The watch doesn’t look or feel premium, yet it has IP68 water and dust resistance. This will make sure to keep it alive in the shower and mild submersions.  

The 360 x 360, 1.3 inch AMOLED display is quite sharp and accurate. It has punchy colors and also comes with lots of pre-loaded watch faces like peanut butter comes with jelly. The control is a single button with a red accent on the side and the touch panel which works well.     

The battery is probably the highlighting feature of this watch. The watch lasts for 4-5 days like nothing, that if, the automated fitness tracking is turned off. With that turned off, it lasts for 3 days. The watch charges quite fast too, like 0 to about 90% in almost 30 minutes.  

The Verge is a great overall smartwatch for Motorola users. The whole phone can almost be controlled by the watch on its own. This comes quite handy when the sports are concerned. It tracks 11 sports automatically like running, cycling, climbing, tennis, etc. The watch also comes with a built-in speaker and mic to make and receive calls on the fly. The GPS, barometer and heart-rate sensors are also accurate and handy.

  • Great Battery life
  • Inexpensive
  • Phoneless features like calls, music, etc.
  • Feels cheap
  • Music controls are poor

Best Hybrid Smartwatch For Motorola:


$179.95  in stock
2 new from $179.95
6 used from $88.28
Free shipping
as of June 17, 2021 3:09 am

Combining the aspects of a fitness trainer and a standard, but good-looking wristwatch, Withings Steel HR is a great option that will suit all your needs being a Motorola user.


  • Premium wrist watch like design
  • Connected GPS 
  • Comes with both leather and silicone straps
  • Both Android and IOS support 
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • 5 ATM water resistance


Withings Steel HR looks just like your simple classic wristwatch. The design is so subtle that no one will be able to recognize it as a fitness tracker at the first glance. It has a stainless steel back and a face made of mineral glass which makes it sturdy but also very lightweight. It is also water-resistant up to 50 meters which makes it a good swimmer.

There is nothing much to say about the watch’s display. The small circular panel on the top cycles through your heart rate, notifications from your mobile, steps, etc. The info that is to be displayed is totally customizable through the Withings mobile app.     

Unlike most watches of this genre, this watch has a rechargeable battery. It can easily last for about 25 days. If you decrease the use of heart rate features it may last for over a month. The watch charges completely in an hour.  

Withings Steel HR shines as a fitness tracker primarily. It is designed to monitor about 30 sports like running, hiking, walking, swimming, and some resistance training. The watch’s heart rate sensor works immaculately and monitors your heart 24/7. It also monitors sleep cycles and displays the sleep quality as a score. All in all a nice little touch to your Motorola phone.

  • Great Battery life
  • Accurate heart rate monitor
  • Displays phone notifications
  • Pricy
  • Not necessarily a smartwatch

Best Smartwatch For Motorola Phones: Buying Guide:

This to-the-point guide will help you make a checklist of the most important features and then assort your priorities accordingly. However, if you are interested in a complete guide, follow this link to the ultimate smartwatch buying guide


There are multisports watches on the market that would cost you as much as the new Motorola phone or even more than that. Garmin and Suunto smartwatches are the brands you should look out for for a serious outdoor or multisports watch. 

And then there are affordable brands like Huami and Mobvoi that pack practical features in a solid watch and offer affordable price points. Their watches won’t break the bank and you would get plenty of features in them.

Water Resistance:

‘IP68 rated’ and ‘ATM 5 rated’, many of the watches these days come with these labels for water resistance. The former, IP68,  means the watch can be submerged in water for up to 5m whereas an ATM 5 rated watch can be submerged for up to 50m. Obviously, the latter has more water resistance. 

Whatever watch you choose, make sure that it is rated IP68, ATM 5, or above. 


Go for the AMOLED display, it is crips, vivid, and offers true blacks and whites. The LCD display offers low resolution and therefore should be avoided. However, on a low-budget device, you would most likely find the latter. 

Other than the screen technology, you should also look into the brightness level. It should be 1000 nits. 

Also, the display size should be at least 1.2-inch for a meaningful preview of important notifications. 

Health Feature:

Smartwatches that lean on fitness tracking and health have advanced sensors like ECG, SpO2 sensors,  and a refined optical heart rate sensor. They also use the most powerful sensors to give you an in-depth analysis of your health. But keep in mind they demand top dollars for it. 

So if these functions are not your concern, better not invest your money in them and get a watch with decent smartwatch-features.

Smartwatch Features:

Essential smartwatch features include watch faces, alarm, timer, stopwatch, and notifications alert. But smartwatches these days can do more than that. For instance, Galaxy Watch 3 can make calls without having your phone around, can make contactless payments, and has a built-in voice assistant. Look out for watches that give you the most features at an attractive price point. 

Battery Life:

Smartwatches for  Android Phones have a decent battery life of 2-3 days, as opposed to Apple watches that need overnight charging between the days. 

Keep in mind that battery life is significantly reduced when you are using standalone GPS, LTE, or NFC on the device. Most watches are labeled with battery performance with continuous GPS usage. It is usually a few hours of usage. Make note of that along with the battery life in smartwatch mode. 

Watches that are large in size tend to have a large battery which, in turn, makes them last longer than their smaller version. But on the flip side, they are suitable for large wrist sizes.

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Best Smartwatch For Motorola Phones: FAQs

What is the best smartwatch For Motorola G7?

All the watches we have added in this article works completely fine with Motorola G7, G6 and even Motorola Z3 phones.

To name one, Motorola’s own Moto 360 (Gen 3) works best with the G7 model. 

Does Motorola Have a smartwatch?

Yes, it does.

Moto 360.

The smartwatch was discontinued by Motorola after 2 editions citing a lack of market space. However, a Canadian company called eBuyNow has licensed the Moto 360 brand from Motorola to create the new Moto 360 (2019). 

Moto 360 (2019) has a lot in common with the Fossil Gen 5, however, from the outside, they are completely different smartwatches.