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WHOOP Membership Explained-Everything you need to know

Few people can deny the power of a data-driven approach to fitness. WHOOP is a fitness tracker that put this concept to practice, providing users with in-depth analysis of their workout data and real-time feedback to help them optimize their physical performance and recovery.

WHOOP strap is popular among athletes, who use it to train smarter and harder. LeBron James is one of the company’s most notable users.

Unlike other wearable companies that follow a price model of one-time-purchase of their devices first and then buying the premium features for the money. WHOOP right from the start asks for a monthly subscription.

So if you have finally decided to ditch Apple Watch for WHOOP 4.0 but are still confused about pricing, this guide on WHOOP membership is there to help you out.

What is included in the WHOOP Membership?

You can request the band (WHOOP 3.0 or WHOOP 4.0) from the company without any charges. However, you will have to commit $30 as monthly subscription charges. Only the default band comes free. For extra bands, and one of your choices, you would have to pay the additional charges ranging from $25 to $40 for a single band.

The band itself is just the hardware part of the puzzle. The brain of the device, which is where all the action and analysis takes place, lives in the WHOOP app. The WHOOP app is free to download on Android, IOS, and PC.

With the app, you would be able to keep close tabs on your sleep, performance, recovery, strain data, and more. However, the best part of the apps is coaching tips and access to a vibrant community of athletes who are always ready to help with tips, tricks, and motivation.

Membership Cost For WHOOP Band: Three Tiers Pricing

WHOOP 4.0 follows a three tiers pricing model. The first one is the monthly subscription as we explained earlier to you. The next two are 12 months and 24 months plans that come at a lower price point than the monthly option.

Right after your first 30 days trial ends, your plan shift to the 12-month model, where you have to commit $300 for the whole year. You save almost $60 on this package. However, if you select the 24-months membership, you would have to pay $480 upfront, which saves you almost $240.

Let us make it simple for you:

  • Monthly Plan for WHOOP 4.0: $30
  • 12-month Plan for WHOOP 4.0: $300
  • 24-month Plan for WHOOP 4.0: $480

If you picked the 12 or 24-month plan, you will have to pay the money upfront, and can’t cancel the WHOOP membership in the middle.

Is there a lifetime membership of WHOOP?

There is no lifetime membership of WHOOP available currently. However, at the start when the company was not very popular, it was selling the WHOOP device at a one-time payment of $399 with free WHOOP membership for life.

The company has discontinued this offer, and it is not available anymore.

Can I Use WHOOP Without Membership?

You cannot use WHOOP without a membership. The WHOOP band is just a hardware device with no human interface and needs the WHOOP app to function. The company swiftly disables the WHOOP device if you do not renew your membership on time.

If you are buying WHOOP for the first time, the company offers you a 30-day trial period with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can use it to decide whether WHOOP is the right fitness tracker for you or not.

Also, you can recommend WHOOP to friends, and get a month of free usage when they subscribe to a plan.

How to buy WHOOP?

All you have to do is to buy a WHOOP membership, and you will get the WHOOP device for free. The company will ship it to your doorsteps with additional charges for shipping.

However, if you buy items from their website above $75, there will be no shipping charges applied.

To purchase a WHOOP membership, select a membership plan and then follow these steps:

  • Create WHOOP Account On the website
  • Enter shipping details
  • Choose Shipping Method
  • Enter Payment Method

How to cancel WHOOP Membership?

To cancel your whoop membership, follow these steps:

  1. Visit https://app.whoop.com/login
  2. Fill in your WHOOP Account Details
  3. Now if you want to return the WHOOP in the first 30 days of trial, navigate to memberships> returns
  4. Otherwise, navigate to Memberships>Cancel Your Membership> Pay the dues

You will receive a confirmation for cancellation.

Keep in mind that, canceling WHOOP Membership in the middle doesn’t mean that you won’t have to pay for the committed months of the year. It will simply block access to important analytics on the WHOOP app. You can cancel WHOOP Membership anytime you want, but can’t shy away from paying the dues.

You can reactivate the WHOOP membership anytime and get access to your previously recorded data.

What is the WHOOP Pro?

WHOOP Pro is a separate membership plan to make users the company’s loyal customers. At around $12/month it offers users several perks that include

  1. Pro Members get their hands on the latest items first
  2. They can pick one item every three months period for free
  3. There are no shipping charges applied to pro members, and they get 20% off daily.

Can I sell my WHOOP?

There is no official policy from the company’s end, but you can give your WHOOP to someone else. You will have to give the buyer your account details and access to your WHOOP data. We will recommend you to not give your WHOOP to someone as it can create a security risk.

Can I give my old WHOOP to a friend?

WHOOP has this excellent recycling program where you can give your old WHOOP 3.0 to a friend or family member. And if the person liked WHOOP in the first 2 months free trial and decided to become a regular customer, you will get 1 month of free use on your latest WHOOP 4.0.

What will I get for referring someone to WHOOP?

For every person, you refer to WHOOP who signs up for a membership, you will get one month of free use on your WHOOP device. The more referral joins the bandwagon the more free months you will get.

Do I have to return my WHOOP strap?

If you cancel the subscription within the free trial window and want a refund of your payments, you will have to return the WHOOP strap, and pay the shipment cost for it. You can keep the strap if you want if you cancel the membership after the trial window. The strap alone will be of no benefit to you.

Final Words:

Most people don’t like the pricing model of WHOOP as it follows a subscription model unlike one-time payment for the device. It is a great fitness tracker with its in-depth analysis and data, but it doesn’t come cheap.

The company offers a 30-day trial period to first-time users so that they can decide whether WHOOP is the right fitness tracker for them or not. But as soon as that trial ends, you will have to pay from $20-30 on monthly basis depending on your subscription plan.